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On the recent and perhaps, the biggest Consumer Electronics Show (CES) yet, we witnessed some cool tech around the hectares of the show. Though I didn’t attended it personally, CES livestreams are all around the internet so I got to see what’s going on there at Las Vegas. Perhaps, these are the most cool tech we’ve seen at CES.

Note that this list is not in ranking, so please be guided.

1. Razer’s Project Valerie

Gaming with three 4K displays because why not? Razer’s concept design is perhaps one of the most talked about concepts of all laptops unveiled at CES. As mentioned, it has three displays, each running at a stunning 4K resolution, for a total of 12K (11520 x 2160). The process of unveiling the display and folding it is automated so you don’t have the hassle to fold it manually. Powered by NVIDIA GTX 1080, it enables the displays to support even the NVIDIA Surround View, which is, pretty darn cool.

More about Project Valerie Here: LINK

2. Samsung QLED TV

OLED? Nah, meet Samsung’s new QLED TV. Q stands for Quantum and this set of TV’s unveiled at CES are pretty amazing. TV’s are always present at CES and among all the TV’s unveiled out there, the new QLED technology perhaps bypass OLED, and though the competition is now more on thinner displays (shout out to LG for this one), the panel technology still matters the most. QLED features brighter and more vivid colors than conventional OLED.

More details about the Samsung QLED here: LINK

3. LG Smart InstaView Fridge

Did you ever wished that you can talk to your fridge? Now, it is undeniably possible. Powered by Amazon’s Alexa, this smart fridge enables you to automatically adjust the fridge’s power settings, play music or even order groceries with your voice. Sounds great right?

And, the fridge also has a panoramic camera built into its interior, which users can sync with an app to view inside the fridge while at the shops or at work. It also includes a 29″ touch display which lets you see what’s inside without opening the door, and enables you to do more, even surfing the net. – with their webOS installed.

And perhaps, one weird but great feature, is the “fresh tracker” that is able to track food’s expiration dates. But, not only LG has this plans for smart fridges. Even Samsung announced their plans to replenish their smart fridge line-ups, so let’s wait also for those.

4. Geko Smart Whistle

A whistle? Seriously? Yes, a smart whistle. When this is blown, it will text, call and email your contacts with your location based on its built-in GPS, and including the capability of recording sound of your surroundings? Good thing it is out now at $50, perhaps not a cheap tech but is handy for people who are living or going in remote or disaster-risk areas. It is configured through the app provided and will let you do other functions – triggered when the whistle is blown.

More details: LINK

5. Seven Hugs Smart Remote

The picture above describes how it works.
A universal remote that knows what smart device you are pointing at.
From there, you can turn things on or off or adjust contextual settings of those smart home devices. Who knows how useful this would actual be in your home, but the “magic” factor of this one makes it stand out.
More details about that here: LINK

6. Dell Ultrasharp 8K Display

4K? Nah, it’s 2016
. Now, it’s 2017 and let’s welcome the first 8K monitor because, why not? 
From Dell, their Ultrasharp series has stepped up the game on display resolution. This is a 32-inch monitor with a resolution of 7680 × 4320, which make you wonder what you are looking on right now. The numbers might not matter to you, but this 8K display really is an accomplishment that is sure to catch the attention of the industry. It might cost a fraction of your life or $4,999, however, this is really a step-up game for the future.
More details here: LINK

7. PowerVision PowerRay underwater drone

image courtesy of

An underwater drone? Yep, you got it right, This underwater drone can submerge up to 98 feet (30 meters) and records 4K video streamed to your phone, which you use to navigate. With its add-on Fish-finder sonar it can detect fish up to 131 feet (40 meters) away and and lures them with a blue light. And, PowerVision will be offering VR goggles that allow you to look around by tilting your head.
No insight about the pricing but, what’s sure is pre-orders will start on February 27.

More details here: LINK

8. LG W7 TV

Perhaps the most exciting TV out there. Forget the QLED above, but LG is really dedicated on making it the most number of “-est” that a people might describe. This is so far, known as the thinniest, lightest, and perhaps the best OLED TV out there? Dubbed as Wallpaper TV, the W7 (pictured above) is really thin and lightweight and is available on two sizes (77″ & 65″). Features Active HDR and Dolby Atmos, this TV gives you perhaps the best experience of watching TV.

Maybe you are wondering how do they fit all the other parts on that thickness? It’s because the parts are on the soundbar-like device below, which connects the TV to it’s speakers and other necessary parts, leaving your wallpaper right there.

We have no insights yet for pricing but more details are sure here: LINK

9. Polaroid Pop Insta-print Camera

More like the Instax,
but Polaroid, which many thinks are dead, is back with a no-compromise “instaprint” camera.

The Polaroid Pop, launched at CES, is a 20-megapixel camera with a 3.9-inch LCD, for framing shots and a handful of touchscreen controls for settings, with its Zink-technology printer. It can also record 1080p video and store to a microSD card. It also connects to your phone and can act as a printer for your phone photos. Polaroid is expected to ship this on the last quarter of 2017, so don’t buy any Insta-print cameras as of this moment, lol.
No insights on the pricing yet, but more details here: LINK

10. Hover Camera Passport Flying Selfie Camera

Finally, a drone that can follow you and do your selfie/vlog things without any other assistant.
The Hover Camera Passport is your best selfie camera. In the video below, the company shows off examples of some fun action shots such as having the drone follow you off a cliff jump or follow you from behind on a bike ride. What’s more, the drone looks like it’s really good at self-balancing and not crashing into things. Priced ag $599, this drone offers a 13MP camera and 4K recording capability. It was launched lately last year and is now available on the market. Hoping to get one to do these shots as demonstrated below.

More details here: LINK
So there you are, these are perhaps the 10 cool, if not coolest, tech that are useful and handy. We considered the usefulness of the products and its relevance on choosing between tons of technology/gadgets unveiled at CES. 

Discuss it on comments below 🙂 
And more articles from CES 2017 to come so stay tuned.