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After looking on the coolest tech, perhaps, we are now going on to the weirdest tech we’ve seen on CES.
They are not by rank so please be guided.

1. Kolibree’s Ara AI Toothbrush

Artificial Intelligence have really gone far beyond its specifications, at least here. 
Now, even in a toothbrush, the power of AI is unleashed on the first brush that claims to have AI. What this does is its monitors how you clean your teeth and will give you further recommendations on how to improve it. It’s data is synchronized through the app provided and to make that possible, the brush has 3-D motion sensors, accelerometer, gyroscope and magnetometer, Bluetooth 4.0 LE, and a 2-week battery lilfe. Just wow.
This is expected to ship on March 2017, and more details here: LINK

2. Kerastase Hair Coach

Tired of products with “smart” capabilities that have been dumped into? Get tired more because this smart hairbrush comes from a team-up between wearable developer Withings and beauty company L’Oreal.
This WiFi-enabled hairbrush, is monitoring both the health of your hair and the way you are brushing it (like the toothbrush above). The market for such a product is pretty vague, but if you’re serious about your hair, maybe this is exactly the product that suits you more.

More details here: LINK

3. Hydrao Smart Showerhead

Still not tired of “smart” products? Here is this crazy shower that I’m sure will freak out users who don’t know how this works.

The Hydrao Smart Showerhead measures how much water you’re using in your shower, and lets you know when you’ve gone over your suggested water limit, perfect for conservationists or conservatives, lol.

The weird thing about the shower head is that it notifies you by changing colors. When you’ve gone over the limit, the lights change colors, which might freak out your guests. Thankfully this isn’t RGB. HAHAHAHA!

More details here: LINK

4. Sensorwake Oria

This decent looking device isn’t like what do you think. The Sensorwake Oria is providing a bizarre solution to the problem of not waking up easily: fart smells. Okay—an alarm clock alternative, but the idea of the device is to put it next to your bed and have it pump out odors to wake you up. Disgusting right?

 5. Ekko Mirror

From a French-company Miliboo,
this gesture-controlled mirror is absolutely weird yet cool at the same time. It can give you news straight from the mirror, lol, and play music for you as well.

More details here: LINK

6. Taclim VR Boots

When VR came into this far, this really happens. VR headsets are done, meet VR boots.
From Japanese company Taclim, the VR boots aims to simulate the feeling of stepping into surfaces or the feeling of kicking enemies, and other stuff on the game. No insights on the pricing yet but, I don’t see it’s usefulness after all. Still, it’s pretty cool if you think of.

7. Hypersuit

No words.
Ride into this and feel flying on your VR.

More details here: LINK

8. Smartypans

Perhaps another “smart” product out there, and this time, a frying pan?

This smart frying pan allows you to track how much food is in the pan, provides cooking instructions as you go cooking and perhaps, the cool feature, lets you count calories on the food you’re cooking into. Priced at $209, it will be set to ship on March, following its success on Indiegogo.

More details here: LINK

9. Hushme

Tired of being scolded by your boss because you’re talking on the phone while at work? Perhaps this silly thing might help you. Dubbed as the “world’s first voice mask for mobile phones,” it’s designed to let a person talk without disturbing those nearby. It’s also got a built-in voice changer, if you want to sound a bit more like Darth Vader, or a chipmunk. Yep, this is actually serious, and no insight about pricing yet.

10. Griffin Technology’s Connected Toaster

Getting enough of the “smart” devices since this is the last. However, this Bluetooth-enabled toaster reminds me of the Razer’s project Breadwinner. Even Mark Zuckerberg’s  AI – Jarvis can utilize this device, without hacking into it. Via the app provided, you can precisely configure the toaster to your perfection. No joke, because this sells for at least $100, not bad for a bad-ass toaster, tho.

Look upon this app-enabled toaster. Look upon it and weep. – Griffin Technology

So what do you think of these weird tech that showed up at CES 2017? Let us know and perhaps, we might end up having these on our households, so think about it.

We’ve considered relevance and usefulness, and also the concepts for listing out the weirdest tech at CES. And if you have objections, comment it down below.

More CES-related articles to come so stay tuned, including specific products revealed and other stuff.