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Long before WiFi USB adapters came into the market, cables were the thing. It was a bit tiring for gamers, primarily, to relocate from one point to another. The thought of disconnecting the numerous cables and then mounting them again after relocation, was already a nightmare for some.

Now, WiFi adapters have changed the game. Not only did it affect the gaming industry but also a whole lot of people who saw that messy cables during connection. As for now, there are quite massive varieties of brands in the market. The question that every gamer would ask is, which one would suit their needs?

Our article today targets gamers who are still on the search for the best. This buying guide will assist you in purchasing the most appropriate of these devices. Here are some of the points you should consider, though.


It is an essential factor when buying an adapter. Their primary purpose is to strengthen the signal from a router. All of the products available offer different speeds; therefore, it is up to you to know the best for you.

The standard speed should be around 5GHz, which is enough to ensure that download speeds are fast enough, even when you are distant from the router. Remember that maneuverability is the primary goal when buying the USB adapters.


The trick around connectivity is that you should ensure that it can mount to your desktop or PC. Manufacturers provide two options: USB 2.0 and 3.0. Both differ in the size of the port that it can fit. By the way, 3.0 is an upgrade of the former.

Additionally, you also need to know whether your device allows an internal or external connection. The external connects to the USB ports while the internal one will attach to the motherboard. If you select the internal USB adapter, be sure that it relates to the motherboard.

Power usage

Power is a factor that we put in; especially if you think of the high electrical bills, you will have to deal with at the end of the month. With this in mind, be sure to consider whether the adapter relies on the computer for power, or you have to connect to its power source.

Between the two, the best of them is the one that relies on the computer power. It means that it will not consume much power when downloading or uploading files. They always have a built-in light that shows whether it is on or not.

Software compatibility

As you know, these utilities come with their software. Mostly, the manufacturer will provide it in the form of a CD. You will have to install the software into the Pc for the USB adapter to function. Be sure to select one that has an easy installation process.

Nonetheless, most of the problem comes in when the operating system is not compatible with the software. To prevent such occurrences, read the manual, or ask the vendor to tell you if it will work with your current operating system.


By the way, as much as the USB adapter is an active device, it requires an antenna to capture the signal with ease. It can have an internal or external antenna. Both have their pros and cons. For instance, the internal antenna is suitable because it does not have any weight on them.

For the external antenna, they are beneficial for individuals who have signal problems, which arise because it cannot get through obstacles like walls. You will have to face the antenna in the direction of the router to get the signal appropriately.

In conclusion, remember that internal USB adapters are suitable because they minimize signal interruption, which would occur when using the external ones.

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