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Over the years, the emphasis has been put on the need to protect our environment. Media reports on climate change show that there is increased global warming and pollution of the environment. It affects our lives in various ways such as the rise of complex health issues. We often accredit the government and large corporate bodies the role of taking care of the environment. There are also individual roles that we can play to protect and improve our surroundings. Here are a few approaches:

1) Consider Eco-Friendly Forms Of Transport

Using public means of transport or private services from companies such as Ridester can contribute to a healthy surrounding. Most transport means run on diesel and petrol. They emit up to 4800 pounds of carbon dioxide, which equates to the 10% of greenhouse emissions by an average of two cars or two adults in a household. The government and environmental bodies have recommended various energy-efficient and electric models of transportation to reduce the pollution.

2) Recycling

This is an easy approach to implement on an individual level. In most cities, trash is divided into the recyclable and non-recyclable. They also organize a pick-up program in every neighborhood after a certain time. Some of the household waste that can be recycled include plastic bags, computers, batteries, glass and aluminum cans. Ensuring that your waste is placed in the right labeled trash can or bag is one step towards improving our environment.

3) Considering Renewable Sources Of Energy

An alternative source of energy is preferred to the use of fossil fuels. They do not emit any greenhouse emissions and are economical to use. We can consider various renewable energy options for our homes such as hydro, solar, wind, geothermal or biomass. The nature of your environment will help you determine the best option to use. Most of the alternative sources of energy do not attract more than 30% federal tax. It is a healthy and efficient way to protect our surroundings.

4) Abolishing The Use Of Plastic Products

Products such as paper plates are manufactured by companies that use various toxic chemicals to attain the desired output. They are made from virgin wood leading to deforestation. Some people dispose of these products in public and waterways contributing to blockage or contamination. These products require fossil fuels, chemicals and are often non-recyclable. Banning plastic products is a great step towards protecting the environment.

5) Buy Local Eco-Friendly Products

It is essential to buy products from our local farmers that importing from other countries. Encouraging this independence will not only bring economic liberation to a state but also reduce the exposure to pollution. Most of the products in chain stores are exposed to a wide range of pollution agents before getting to the final consumers. Local and eco-friendly products are fresh and are exposed to zero-to-less pollution. They are transported to short distances compared to the chain store products. It not only protects our health but our surroundings too.

**This is a contributed article.