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We ‘tech’ things seriously. (stylized as SnowTechStuff) is an independent technology and lifestyle-tech online publication venture of AstPro Media Group (incorporation pending). It is primarily managed by AMG’s CEO Bryan Snow and most of the articles and videos here are written/produced by him.

SnowTechStuff is based on Manila, Philippines. For those who wanted to work with us, contact us on the contact page and use the details provided.

Started on 2015, SnowTechStuff aims to inform people in what we call an unconventional way about technology in the Philippines and in the world. With the latest news, trends as well as insights, hilarious yet informative reviews and recommendations – all you have to do is to sit back and relax while reading our articles and watching our videos.

On 2017, our team has launched STS Despatch – where all hot tech rumors, leaks and unverified topics will be posted. We’re working our best to get these information from reliable and reputable sources and could be backed up with further information.

We at AMG intend to make informative and interesting content as well as bringing you the latest true news about technology. We also want users to understand more about technology through our posts and videos.

Meet the primary aliens behind AstPro Media Group.


Bryan Snow
Co-Founder, CEO/COO of AstPro Media Group (AMG)
Technology and Entertainment Journalist, Owner/EIC of SnowTechStuff, COO/Owner of K-Drama Labs and CEO of AstPro Media Group (AMG).

A computer scientist wannabe, but heads on writing as a passion. Loves to mingle and write about technology and Korean stuffs, tho when he's not working, he's watching K-Dramas or his K-Pop idols performance videos on YouTube.

And he's always on a budget.
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James Maniquis
Co-Founder of AstPro Media Group (AMG)
He’s currently studying some sort of Engineering at somewhere in Bulacan. He loves to mingle with his computer, however, he only plays Rules of Survival, League of Legends and Pacifica Online, among online games.

Doesn't do anything with regards to STS daily operations, though.
Francis Feliciano
Co-Founder of AstPro Media Group (AMG)
Currently on his way on becoming a Hotel and Restaurant Manager at First City Providential College in Bulacan, Francis is still on the #PotatoPCMasterRace with his old computer on his house. Another thrift member of the group.

Also a fan of K-Drama, since recently, and the lucky one in the group who has a tangible girlfriend.
Mike Manga
CFO & Chief Gamer of AstPro Media Group (AMG)
Currently processing himself to become a renowned English professor at Our Lady of Fatima University in Quezon City, he’s the unanimously appointed Chief Financing Officer (CFO) of AMG. Has a decent rig/battlestation in home and the most ahead when it comes to the #PCMasterRace inside the group. Also, with his gaming peripherals and PS4, we can safely assume that he is also the chief gamer on the group.

He is soon-to-be the in-charge of photo and video-capture duties for the group and expansion of AstPro Media Group in Japan.
Ian Tejana
Executive at AstPro Media Group (AMG)
He’s currently programmed to become also a renowned English professor at Bulacan State University. He knows how to hack your WiFi. However, he doesn’t have a PC to play on their house, so he spend most of his time at internet cafes in order to exercise his expertise, playing Rules of Survival and League of Legends.

The most thrift out of the members in the group.
Cedi Javan Casero
Executive at AstPro Media Group (AMG)
The chief dancer on the group. Although AMG doesn’t have to do anything in regards to dance (yet), we’re proud to say that he is the one who excels very well when it comes to this field. If he is not practicing dance, he’s gaming on his tough computer.

See him soon on some AstPro Entertainment videos.


These people contribute to, or are members of AstPro Media Group under a division or a subsidiary. ‘Steak-holders’ actually means ‘stakeholders’ and has part in activities of the said subsidiary where they are belong.

Eugene Tabudlong
Emman Bernadit
Spencer Maningas
Armin Esurena
Andrei Hernandez

*they are under BsD Records,  a division of AstProMusic and AMG.

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