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The $8M suit might not include other Pinoy pirate websites yet.

After it sued ‘numerous pirates’ in 2016, ABS-CBN says it plans to quadruple its anti-piracy efforts this year.

On Friday, February 17, the media company filed a lawsuit before the US Federal District Court against for damages of over $8 million on infringement of trademarks and registered copyrights. It was found to be rebroadcasting 27 of ABS-CBN’s TV shows and movies.

The broadcast giant said this is to step up its anti-piracy enforcement in 2017.

“These pirate sites often victimize our fans when they access these sites and are later attacked by malware which steals their financial and personal data. We are going after every pirate wherever they live and operate,” ABS-CBN’s Assistant Vice President of Global Anti-Piracy Elisha Lawrence said in a statement via Rappler.

“We arrested and sued numerous pirates last year and we plan to quadruple that effort this year,” she added.

The judge also ordered the defendants to stop advertising, promoting, performing, copying, broadcasting or distributing ABS-CBN’s copyrighted work, which includes a variety of television programming.

Also, some other websites like and were each ordered to pay $1.18 million in statutory damages, while,, and are about to pay $1.09 million each. was ordered to pay $1.24 million in statutory damages.

If you have tried to access these websites today, you’ll be blocked by this notice. (see photo below)

If you tried to access those higlighted sites above, you’ll be greeted with this notice:


“We invest a great deal in our television shows and movies so the customers have a superior viewing experience. These pirates are willfully infringing ABS-CBN’s copyrighted works and damaging the ABS-CBN brand,” Lawrence added.

ABS-CBN said it had requested at least $2 million in statutory damages per counterfeit trademark used, as well as triple the defendants’ profits from the alleged infringement.

ABS-CBN also said it is represented by lawyer Stephen M. Gaffigan. The cases are ABS-CBN Corp. et al., Case No. 0:17-cv-60352 and Case ABS-CBN Corporation, et al. v. et al., case number 0:15-cv-61002, in the US District Court for the Southern District of Florida.

Source & Image via Rappler