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Would you entrust your home security to a company like Amazon?

While there’s no official Amazon branch here in the Philippines (yet), some of us are just wishing that the popular online shopping website and online service just come and expand into this countries aside from some SEA countries that it’s currently operating with – so that we have proprietary access as well to some awesome services like Prime, and having their smart devices such as Alexa supported here.

In the ultimate desire of making deliveries to customers faster and more convenient, Amazon adds number of options to do so (like same-day delivery, drop-offs and even the Amazon Prime service). They even did use drones that can deliver your small package in your doorstep. The latter doesn’t even need user intervention when receiving the package.

You’ll need a smart lock and Amazon’s new Cloud Cam

Amazon’s Cloud Cam streaming on an Echo Show (Image: Amazon)

Amazon Key is a new service that Amazon is introducing exclusively for Amazon Prime members and it will allows couriers from the company to open your front door (like seriously) and put your package safely inside your house – because packages that are left outside your doorstep are still prone to being lost or stolen (that’s the reality, and what Amazon thinks).

But before you freak out – Amazon has some measures to counter your trust issues. With Amazon’s new Cloud Cam and any compatible smart home lock, the service uses protocols in order to successfully accomplish a delivery – even without the customers’ intervention.

The Cloud Cam being connected to your home Wi-Fi network, while being connected to the compatible smart lock over Zigbee (a wireless protocol that was utilized mostly by many smart home devices) is used to track the courier activities – that even the moment the delivery arrives and the customer is not on his/her house, he/she can still monitor what is happening and how the courier will leave the package inside their doorstep.

Here’s how the service works:

Image: Amazon

A courier arrives with a package for in-home delivery. The courier should scan the barcode, which will send a request to Amazon’s cloud, and the cloud network grants permission by sending a message back to the Cloud camera, which will also start recording. The courier then gets a prompt on their app, swipes the screen, then your door’s smart lock unlocks. The courier will leave the package, relock the door with another swipe, and should leave right away.

The customer will get a notification that their delivery has arrived, along with a short video showing the actual delivery recorded via the Cloud cam to confirm everything was done properly, or to confirm that the courier didn’t do anything absurd. 🙂

Let guests enter your house even when you’re not around

Not only on deliveries, but also on letting guests in – Amazon Key lets you grant access to the people you trust. It can schedule permanent access for your family members or give temporary access to recurring visitors like dog walkers, house cleaners, or out-of-town guests. You’ll be notified any time your guest locks or unlocks your door.


For $249.99, Amazon has a bundle for its key service that includes a smart lock, the Cloud camera, and even free installation. Amazon Prime users can start preordering the camera right now, while the Amazon Key app and the actual delivery service will become available at November 8th.

Of course, this service is going to raise trust issues – just like this we spotted on Twitter. 🙂

Editor’s Say: What do you think of Amazon’s new service? Also, should you like it, what do you think of getting that kind of service here with Philippine’s popular online shopping sites like Lazada, Shopee and much more?

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