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CES 2018 is now on-going and our series of articles covering the biggest tech show on earth are now dropping! Check them out HERE.

READ: AMD slashes the prices of its Ryzen & Threadripper CPUs

AMD isn’t breaking the promise it made when it launched the first generation Ryzen processors – to keep support of their AM4 platform till 2020 (because Intel killed their LGA1151 platform themselves too early).

With that said, AMD announces the new Ryzen and Threadripper chips in CES 2018. Based on their ZEN+ architecture which was based on GlobalFoundries’ new 12nm manufacturing process, it offers both higher overall clock speeds as well as an improved precision boost technology that will allow AMD to boost core clock speeds more gradually with more steps as each CPU threads are loaded.

What’s new?

Two key technologies from the first Ryzen have been refreshed: Precision Boost 2 and XFR 2. Precision Boost 2 has significant improvement from its initial release. The clock speed for the cores will not drop unless the processor uses more than 2 cores. This is to provide optimal performance while decreasing power and heat output.

Extended Frequency Range (XFR) 2 has also seen a good improvement. XFR 2 now allows every CPU core to be boosted, instead of only locked to two cores. With these conditions, hopefully, we can expect Ryzen 2 processors can reach 4.6 to 5GHz with ease.


In April this year, AMD will be releasing the 2nd Generation Ryzen CPUs, with the company also revealing plans to release 2nd Generation Threadripper CPU models in second half of this year. This release schedule shows that AMD plans to replace their entire Ryzen product stack within the year, delivering improvements to both single-threaded and multi-threaded performance.

As we can see at the image below, AMD plans to roll-out the new Ryzen and Threadripper chips by this year

  • Ryzen 3 Mobile APUs: January 9th
  • Ryzen Desktop APUs: February 12th
  • Second Generation Ryzen Desktop Processors: April
  • Ryzen Pro Mobile APUs: Q2 2018
  • Second Generation Threadripper Processors: 2H 2018
  • Second Generation Ryzen Pro Desktop Processors: 2H 2018

As we’ve said earlier, AMD is still offering support for new CPUs on existing motherboards provided they are using supported BIOS’. These BIOS updates are already being released across a wide range of products, making it likely that all Ryzen motherboards will support Ryzen 2nd Generation before April.

Existing AM4 users should not be concerned about compatibility with Ryzen 2nd Generation CPUs, though it is still unclear whether or not AMD’s upcoming 400-series chipsets will offer any performance benefits over their 300-series counterparts (or is it worth the upgrade?)

AMD also promises “Lower Power” operation and optimizations for AMD’s next generation of CPUs alongside its releasing of the X470 chipset.

The new cooler: Wraith Prism

As expected, Ryzen 2 processors will have the newest iteration of the Wraith coolers. Not much to say rather than hyping it up for the RGB nation and its enhanced motherboard compatibility. Most likely, Wraith Prism will be with speculated Ryzen 5 2600 or Ryzen 7 2700.