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We’re not talking about aesthetics and design here anyway, so go on.

And it looks like the ‘wait’ for Ryzen is almost over.

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Several trays, a box, and some cooler designs of AMD Ryzen CPUs have been pictured, with a Ryzen branded integrated heat spreader (IHS) and a marking that state that the CPUs were “diffused in the US” and “made in China”.

Ryzen CPUs on their trays

These new CPUs will come with Ryzen branding on the IHS and data which can be used to determine each CPU’s name and model number.

This is the possible retail packaging box for AMD’s Ryzen CPUs. (photos by Videocardz)

Ryzen CPU packaging


Ryzen stock coolers

This report also by Videocardz confirmed two new stock CPU coolers for Ryzen. Each CPU has a slightly different cooler, the highest end R7 1800x and 1700x come with the Wraith Max cooler, which can take care of 140w of heat. It appears to have a beefier heatsink and additional heatpipes though it is still a top-down cooler.

On the other hand, the more power efficient R7 1700 will use the Wraith Spire cooler, which can deal with up to 95W of heat with a smaller heatsink and less heatpipes.

Source: Videocardz | via OC3D, KitGuru