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Does Nokia 8 really exist? Or I mean we all know that Nokia 6, the one that is announced to be revealed soon, is only a mid-range phone. But, there are rumors again on the internet where it seems that Nokia is also preparing a flagship-level phone to launch early this year. We’ll know more down below.

First of all, there is no confirmation or announcement from HMD Global about the Nokia 8, whether a sneak peek or a hint. However, the rumor was kick started by Qualcomm’s showcase at the CES 2017 where they have a device equipped with a Snapdragon 835 showing the goodness of the OIS (Optical Image Stabilization) out there.

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However, the chip-maker itself has stepped in and stated that while it does not disclose details of the reference designs, the reports of a Nokia device are not accurate at all, said Catherine Baker, Senior Manager of Public Relations at Qualcomm. She also added that these handsets were their own-designed devices which they’ve used to demonstrate the latest Snapdragon SoC every year.

An untrusted source where it claims that Nokia 8 is a thing here: LINK (I was really stupid at first to believe all of the content there, but finding any source is much important than being scumbag.)

To be clear, no Nokia 8 as of this moment, but the sure thing is Nokia has the comeback this year with Nokia 6.