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We all know that the recently announced iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone X will be compatible with all accessories based on the Qi wireless charging standard – means that even third-party accessories will be able to charge their iPhone without wires. But, when the iPhone X was unveiled, Apple also showed their own wireless charging pad, called AirPower.

Apple’s AirPower is a large wireless charging pad capable of fitting multiple devices. On the photo above, it shows an iPhone X, Apple Watch, and AirPods fitted on a single AirPower for simultaneous charging.

Third-party wireless charger on iPhone

The AirPower was created to solve another problem made possible by wireless charging – current wireless charging pads, regardless of the standard, aren’t prepared to charge multiple devices with full power being distributed. So this AirPower is Apple’s proprietary solution for wireless charging, given the fact that they have multiple devices that supports it.


Pricing and Availability

However, there’s no release date yet for the AirPower, though Apple quietly mentioned it’ll arrive sometime next year, so – third-party manufacturers, if Apple allows, would be the first to offer wireless chargers compatible for the new iPhones. Also no word yet about pricing.

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