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CES 2018 is now on-going and our series of articles covering the biggest tech show on earth are now dropping! Check them out HERE.

At CES 2018, ASRock teased us their Ultra Quad M.2 Card, an add-on card that lets you easily set up an M.2 NVMe RAID array with up to four drives with 32Gbps bandwidth for each drive, giving you that storage powah and speed you wouldn’t imagine.

The company is comparing it against the ASUS Hyper M.2 x16 card, with ASRock’s new card featuring a bigger fan with software control resulting to better thermals, and 6-pin PCIe power connector. ASRock also mounts the M.2 SSDs angled from the bottom, making it better as it minimizes the trace distance from the M.2 slots to the PCIe slot.
However, you’ll need to own a motherboard with PCIe bifurcation support, as it has no PCIe switch on-board. High-end chipsets have this, like Intel’s latest X299 chipset as well as AMD’s new X399 chipset.

The add-on card supports NVMe RAID on both Intel X299 and AMD X399 platforms. The card is expected to be priced around USD $69.99.

A sure ball, indeed.