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Will offer overclocking support even for motherboards that costs only $69.

Pricing for ASUS’ X370 and B350 motherboards have now leaked, with the company providing overclocking support for motherboards that cost as little as $69. Okay.

The high-end ASUS’ X370 Crosshair VI Hero comes with a price tag of $209, which is $20 lower than the current price of ASUS’ Z270 Maximum IX Hero (from Newegg) This is a great sign that AMD’s AM4 platform will be more affordable than Z270 (as AMD had promised for Ryzen), though it remains vague which will offer a superior feature set.

Below is a table which details the leaked prices and specification of four ASUS AM4 motherboards, from the ROG Crosshair series all way down to the low-end Prime B350M-A. (retrieved from our source)

Leaked ASUS Motherboards Pricelist (X370 & B350 chipsets)


Image from OC3D (source)


It looks like AMD has designed the AM4 platform to offer great value for money, especially when considering the fact that these motherboards are designed to be used with 8-core 16-thread CPUs.

And if these prices are true, AM4 is going to be affordable as promised, with this list not even including the ultra-affordable A320 chipset and other non-overclocking motherboard variants.

The hype is really on for AMD’s Ryzen and AM4 platform. Let’s just wait how these chips will battle against Intel’s Kaby Lake.


Source: OC3D