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If you are using Windows OS, you must have known BSoDs, for being displayed when your system crashes or let’s say it the Microsoft way – “had a fatal system error.” They’re annoying, but you can usually resolve them simply by rebooting your computer.

But, recently, there’s a new scam about BSoD that is spreading around doing the rounds, and this one fools users into thinking their computer has crashed. Fortunately, Microsoft is already aware of the issue, and has detailed how to identify the scam, and then remove the said malware from your PC.

This scam, is one level up from tech support scams which start with a direct phone call.

According to TechNet, the malware named ‘Hicurdismos’ is a fake Microsoft Security Essentials installer usually delivered via a drive-by download. Once installed, ‘Hicurdismos’ displays a fake BSoD error message, hides your cursor, and disables the Task Manager. This is all designed to make the victim feel helpless.

However, unlike a real Blue Screen of Death, this fake one includes a phone number for a customer support helpline. Anyone ringing this number will be asked to pay to fix the problem, when there isn’t even a problem to fix. Definitely evil.

If you get hit with Hicurdismos, don’t call the number. Instead, scan your PC using Windows Defender Offline, and then report the scam to Microsoft and your local scam-reporting organization, which you might have hope or not having hope at all.

But, you can avoid installing Hicurdismos in the first place by being careful to only install programs from legitimate sources. Microsoft is keen to point out that the SmartScreen Filter built into both Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge, and even Windows 10 SmartScreen would flag this threat.

Be aware!

via MakeUseOf