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(Bluetooth Remote)

Most of us know that VR, or Virtual Reality, is really expensive as of this moment. From mid-range VR headsets that costs more than a hundread dollars to the high-end ones that costs much more like the Oculus Rift and HTC Vibe.

But recently, Lazada had launched its online revolution sale from November 11th until now (so I assume the offer is still valid) and I found the $3 dollar VR or ₱149-deal from notably a $40 one which I immediately ordered to find out if it can do any good.

UPDATE: The ₱149-deal is now axed on Lazada, instead, I found a ₱189-deal which you can buy by clicking >>>>> HERE!

The package arrived after a day (thumbs up to Lazada for fast service). So after a week of experience, I now have the guts to share my experience with you guys.

I’ve became quite interested on VR after I got the chance to try and experience the Samsung Gear VR, which I had on the recent Smart Launchpad workshop. Unfortunately, I didn’t have more time to comprehensively review it and educate myself how do VR really works.

So I did a lot of research but I will not document all of my findings here because that is not what the post is all about and I’ll focus instead, on the analysis of this cheap-stake little bastard.

First of all, the 149-peso VR BOX 2.0 came with a manual, a 2pc lens wiper but unfortunately didn’t came with the remote, so I’m looking forward to buy one. The remote enables you to input signals on the VR apps and control your phone through Bluetooth.

Because I don’t have the remote yet, I am just limited on using some apps like the Roller Coaster VR, watching VR videos on YouTube and much more.

But it came out that the remote is a little bit expensive than the VR BOX itself. The VR BOX was priced 149-pesos while the bluetooth remote was priced on 167 pesos, but they are still below $7, which is great. You may find other bundles there at Lazada which I will put down on the description, and if you’re wondering, yes, the offer is valid for Philippine residents only.

Adressing the quality concerns, the VR BOX is quite reasonable. It’s compatible with many apps like Google Cardboard (pictured above) and most third-party VR apps as well. It looks like its sturdy enough to last a day-to-day basis of use, except for the phone compartment.

The said component has a plastic material that looks easily to break if not handled carefully.
Otherwise, the VR Box fits really well on every head due to its adjustable headband.

For ergonomic and comfort concerns well it can last with you on a full feature-length movie without removing it, you can adjust the focal/object distance / pupilometer with the keys above, holes for earphone and charger ports on the side, and lastly, there is a sliding cover which reveals the camera of your phone.

Otherwise, the VR BOX is compatible with 4.5″ to 6.0″ inch smartphones. But when I tried a 3.5″ it also works, but not that good as larger screens. It also covers 85-95° of viewing angles depends on your object distance setting and is compatible with 3D games and movies.

I tested the VR Box with some of the smartphones that I can get on but I ended up using it with the Asus Zenfone 2 Laser. The 5.5″ IPS screen gives you literally a good experience, watching 1080p videos on YouTube and utilizing some apps like the Google Street View and VR Cinema, which lets you to watch your 2D movies in VR without any other conversion process.

Finally, I am really impressed to find out a cheap VR alternative. But, can it do the real VR? Yes, it can do real VR. If you buy a bluetooth remote or controller for this, then you will enjoy most of the VR functions as well. Of course you will not be able to do some functions that are hardware-specific like the ones from HTC Vive but for most of the apps, it is really compatible.

However, we do have the pros and cons here.

So, do I recommend this to everyone? If you are curious about VR and don’t want to spend a lot on high-end VR gears out there then this is your great choice. If you don’t mind a $3-7 dollar deduction from your account, then you are ready to go. But if you want to have much comprehensive features, go for Samsung Gear VR, Oculus Rift or HTC Vive if you find VR Box not for your needs.

VR is really great and really enjoyable. It is a great time killer and the VR BOX itself, is a bang for the buck. If you want to have one then you might click the links down below:


I also provided an Amazon link as well, for those who read this outside the Philippines!
VR BOX 2.0 – Amazon (GB):

Thanks for reading!
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