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Hate those auto-playing videos on social networking sites that kills your data plan and annoys you? Well, starting on the next few months, Chrome will gain abilities to minimize the essence of auto-playing videos across your browsing experience, and will only autoplay a given piece of content when the media is muted or the user has indicated an interest to watch the said media.

Google has announced today that Chrome is going to battle all-out against auto-play videos. However, we don’t really know how Chrome will pave its way to identify if how a user will show interest when it comes to playing a media automatically, as we said earlier.

It will be implemented on the upcoming Chrome versions, slated to be released anytime soon (Google’s timeline for auto-play policy implementation)

  • September 2017: Site muting available in Chrome 63 Beta, begin collecting Media Engagement Index (MEI) data in Chrome 62 Canary and Dev
  • October 2017: Site muting available in Chrome 63 Stable, autoplay policies available in Chrome 63 Canary and Dev
  • December 2017: Autoplay policies available in Chrome 64 Beta
  • January 2018: Autoplay policies available in 64 Stable


One thing that annoys us when it comes to unexpected media playback is because it “can use data, consume power, and make unwanted noise while browsing.”

Added to that is Google’s promise to release their own built-in ad blocker for Chrome in the following year, so clearly, Google wants to give us the best browsing experience through their add-ons, I guess.

Thankfully, Google has done something to fight it without our intervention anymore.

Source: Google