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Few days ago, there are so many reports and leaks about the design, features and specs of Samsung Galaxy S8, even the launch date that is supposed to be on March/April. Now, the Korean chaebol might have finally revealed or let’s say they’ve given us a sneak peek on how their latest flagship might look like.

On this video from the Samsung Display YouTube account featuring Samsung’s AMOLED display, they might have used the Galaxy S8 renders to present the display to the consumers, which means, that we might see the next Galaxy phone like the picture or the one in the video above.

It might be because first, the design rendered here is the ones that are matched from the ones which are spread on the internet right now, and second, is that the fact the phone used in the video was unnamed.

Here’s a leak from one of our sources that is about the leaked specs and sizes: LINK

Now, be the judge about the upcoming Galaxy S8 – Slim bezels and no physical home buttons? 6″ displays? All check.

Can’t wait to get my hands on this device. Stay tuned on SnowTechStuff for more announcements and tech news!

via, TechRadar