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Mobile games such as PUBG Mobile, Mobile Legends, Vainglory, Asphalt and Fortnite are really popular these days, and while most premium flagship smartphones can withstand the demand these games are requiring, they aren’t designed for the specific purpose. They tend to heat up after straining for some time, and will stop you from playing further.

While there are PC alternatives for most of these demanding games, most of us do really want to game anywhere for our leisure times, and without the expense of bringing bulky cables and devices which most gaming PCs and/or laptops had.

Someone in the community has asked us, why do we need to have these gaming smartphones? Here’s probably the answers you’re looking for.

Pumped-up performance

A gaming smartphone should be capable of offering ‘top-notch’ performance, or running even some of the demanding games in mobile, just like the Crysis of PCs. With most of them being tweaked / overclocked to have more power, they are able to give more performance, and process more tasks than any other. It should be able to satisfy one’s cry for more.

Image: ASUS

A good example of this is the recently-announced ASUS ROG Phone. It might be the same Snapdragon 845 on paper, but it’s a speed-binned (overclocked) version with 2.9GHz Kryo CPU cores. It even has the highest AnTuTu benchmark score to-date (304,183), which shows how beast of a performer it is.

Gaming-oriented design

Just like your consoles or PCs, a gaming smartphone should be gamer-friendly. While they aren’t like those slim, sexy-looking premium smartphones with bezel-less screens, these gaming smartphones do have designs that support the needs and wants of a gamer, such as high refresh rate displays (up to 120Hz with the Razer Phone), custom cooling solutions that should allow us to extend the time of using them without overheating, gaming accessories such as controllers and the like.

Xiaomi’s Black Shark Gaming Phone

The Razer Phone, while it didn’t come with any external accessory gimmicks, is the first gaming-oriented smartphone that was designed for the masses. It had its shortcomings, but is still a great option, for gamers nowadays. Xiaomi’s Black Shark is also good, too, and probably the cheapest among them all.

Cutting-edge technologies

Gaming and premium smartphones tend to debut cutting-edge technologies from brands which have been in works for a very long time. It appeals to many users since it could be a significant difference from the other, while paying for almost the same price. It just depends on what do you need, or what do you want, sometimes.

Longer battery life

When you buy a gaming laptop, you don’t expect it to last long due to its high-performing components, and the manufacturers might assume that you’ll be playing mounted on an outlet. However, that might not be the case for gaming smartphones. While they do sport higher-performing components, you are probably not likely to play them being tied up to an outlet or powerbank, as it could be a distraction to your playing experience. Gaming smartphones are mostly equipped with a larger (typically 4,000mAh) battery pack to be able to give you more time enjoying your favorite games and/or movies.

They’re not only for gaming, but for productivity and entertainment, too.

If you are a power user and you’re in the hunt for a new smartphone, you’ll probably want to check out these gaming smartphones as well. They’re designed not only for the gamers but also for the users who tend to do a lot of things on their smartphones. They have tall and larger screens, some of them have audio enhancements such as Dolby DTS:X and even Atmos for better audio listening experience, and while they aren’t comparable in terms of experience, some of them can even be used as a computer when mounted on a specific dock, giving you more estate to do productivity work.

ROG Phone (Image: ASUS)

They’ll make other manufacturers to design better smartphones

While they aren’t really intended to squash down other flagships and mid-range smartphones out there, they’ll raise a bar about what customers and gamers really want on a smartphone. They’ll want one that doesn’t overheat when they do heavy work, they’ll want one that can run even the most demanding tasks without a hitch, they’ll want one that can give them better experience, and they’ll want one which would be the best at a certain price point.

So, do we really need them?

If you are the type of smartphone user who games and does a lot of productivity and entertainment consumption on your smartphone than any other platform, you’ll really appreciate the existence of these smartphones. If you tend to be annoyed by overheating and lags, you’ll probably want to buy one now.

The era of mobile gaming is now uprising and just like how the computers are improving, smartphones are the second platform perhaps, for gamers nowadays. Sometimes they do even spend more time on them than their primary gaming platform.

And while we’re still waiting for the ROG Phone to be available on the market, it is currently the best option that we can probably look forward to right now, in terms of gaming experience. We’ll just have to wait for the price, too.

But seriously, the answer to the underlying question is yes, we need them to exist.