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ESGS or E-Sports and Gaming Summit 2017 wrapped up recently and our round up of it is coming. While we are doing our best to bring you all the highlights into one with the means of this article – we would like to emphasize some that we like to do many articles and write our sentiments on each. But now, we’re giving you a glimpse of what we’ve witnessed in terms of gaming at this years’ one of the biggest e-sports/gaming related convention.

Happened last October 27-29th at the SMX Convention Center in Pasay City, this yearly event (now on its 4th year) lets e-sports and gamers altogether to enjoy various things all at once – including exclusive game demos and showcases from Ubisoft and Sony’s PlayStation titles and other independent game developers as well as sneak peek and experience zones on some of the exhibitors’ newest products and components.

Since we are focusing more on gaming and e-sports on this article, we’re missing out the brands who exhibited computer hardware and gaming peripherals. You can read our separate article for that (which we’ll link soon).

More Presence from the Big Brands in the Gaming Industry

Most of the brands and developers who exhibited on previous years’ ESGS returned with bigger and better surprises. PlayStation, for example, showcased the upcoming Call of Duty WWII (which is about to be available on November 3rd for PlayStation users) at the event – and according to PlayStation itself, is the first open showcase in South East Asia.

Call of Duty WWII PlayStation Booth @ ESGS 2017

They are also one of the biggest brand exhibitors on the event.

PlayStation booth with Marvel VS Capcom: Infinite shown

Ubisoft also showcased the upcoming Assassin’s Creed: Origins and Just Dance 2018 with dedicated experience zones and hosted a series of activities about game development which gave insights on how games are developed and a chance for Filipinos to know more about how the process works.

Assassin’s Creed: Origins booth at Ubisoft, ESGS.

Hi-Rez Studios, the developer behind Paladins and SMITE also debuted at the event’s main stage, hosting demos and tournaments of the said games for fans to join and enjoy with.

ESGS Mainstage with Paladins tournament on-going
ESGS Mainstage with Paladins tournament on-going
ESGS Mainstage with SMITE tournament preparation
ESGS Mainstage with SMITE tournament preparation

Pinoy developers also joined the scene

Pinoy game developers also showcased their locally-developed games, such as Secret 6 which showcased the latest build of the upcoming FPS game Project Xandata. While this game is already around for some time (we’ve already seen this on previous events like Pinoy Gaming Festival on April), just like the record-breaking PUBG, it is still on its early access phase but what’s different is that this one is ‘greatly optimized’ that they even organized a tournament for players to join there.

Ranida Games, on the other hand, demoed their fighting game called Bayani: Kanino Ka Kakampi?, while Indigo Entertainment’s booth features another mecha-fighting game named Garrison Archangel as well as their other titles, while Synergy 88 also showed their mobile games and giving their booth visitors a chance to win 1 out of 5 Samsung Galaxy S8’s that they’re giving away for the 3 days of the event, just by playing their games and acquiring stamps on their raffle card.

Mobile games showcase and tournaments galore

R2 Games’ Heroes Evolved, Moonton’s Mobile Legends and Blackstorm Labs’s EverWing is also on the event with demos, tournaments and activities as well as giving freebies to booth visitors.

Globe with Moonton’s Mobile Legends at ESGS

MESA or Mobile E-Sports Arena hosted a VainGlory tournament which satisfied mobile gamers’ thirst for competitive matches.

Heroes Evolved and other mobile game booths at ESGS 2017

While all games mentioned are all electronic, there’s Final Fantasy: The Card Game brought to the stage by gaming and hobby shop Ludus. It’s a non-electronic card game which was also demoed on their booth, and can be purchased right now from Ludus itself, along with other games as well.

Indie developers joined the spotlight

ESGS also highlighted the Indie Arena with some of the current game titles developed by international game developers, while local indie game devs had their own area courtesy of Game Developers’ Association of the Philippines (GDAP)’s GameFest station. Attendees and booth visitors tried out the games showcased as well as taken home some exclusive freebies!

Kooapps at ESGS, Indie Arena booths

Fighting game communities unite for more action

The BrawlFest mini-event brings the biggest fighting game communities into one area for an intense console competition. Communities such as Playbook, PinoyPS, Cosmic Gorgons and Secret Base have joined forces to host a series of tournaments featuring fan-favorite fighting game titles such as Tekken 7 where the winner will head to EVO Japan 2018 to represent the Philippines and compete with the rest of the top players around the world.

Game Development leveled up

Aside from hosting local indie game developers, the Game Developers Association of the Philippines (GDAP) had their GameFest to promote the academic side of game development. They also brought several academic schools and game development partners in their area to share their specialties to the public such as UP Gaming Guild and De La Salle. They also invited some of the top developers from different studios for a series of game development talks where everyone learned more on concept art, animation, programming and more.

Gaming Cosplay Competitions

Of course, where there’s gaming, there’s bound to be cosplay. ESGS 2017 brought back its gaming-themed cosplay competition with bigger prizes on the line. Participants are not limited from any game characters, so there are so much of them we saw at the event, including some attendees cosplaying popular characters from Overwatch, DotA 2 and even PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS.

Even Gundam was there.

Participants are evaluated by a panel of judges who are also long-time cosplayers themselves: tech influencer Kang Dupet, freelance events organizer Loki Heart, and World Cosplay Summit Philippines President Tessa.


There are so many freebies and giveaways at the event. Well, here’s a baller for each ticket holder to start with.

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