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The never-ending desire for new revenue streams is on, because Facebook is now pushing News Feed-like ads right on to your Messenger screen. Announced today through the messenger blog, the current test only affects users from Austria and Thailand.

The new ads will appear below the users’ most recent conversation. According to the announcement, users will have the option to hide or report ads that are irrelevant or offensive, and they’re designed not to interfere with your conversations – just lke the Favorites, Active Now and Birthdays section.

No one will see an ad in a conversation without clicking on an ad experience on the Messenger home screen or starting a conversation with a brand – these test ads won’t originate in your conversations.

Since Facebook also sees Messenger as an independent platform with a bunch of users daily, making this an advertisement platform could be a great source of revenue not only for them but also for advertisers and brands who wish to reach more people – though the ads might became more expensive in the future.

Would you mind your daily messaging app to have ads? Let us know in the comments below!

via Messenger Blog, TheNextWeb