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UPDATE (23:52, 2017.12.05): Problem has been resolved/fixed. Messenger should now work properly

UPDATE (21:37, 2017.12.05): Added Engr. Matt Barber’s response to the issue.

UPDATE (21:04, 2017.12.05): Messenger seems to be fixed for some users already, but there are still many people reporting that it wasn’t working, so we’ll continue to monitor this issue.

You are not alone, indeed. Yes, Facebook Messenger is down for many, until now.

Maybe thousands or even millions of users are now wondering what they are going to do, because they can’t communicate with their friends or dear family members, due to the fact that Messenger can’t send or receive messages from end-to-end.

Facebook’s developer dashboard shows major outage notice, as well as a graph where we can see that the platform is currently experiencing outage. shows Both Facebook and Facebook messenger having extreme outage right now as well, although Facebook seems to work fine already, at this time of writing.


However, it seems that Messenger, still suffered from the outage and both its mobile and desktop apps aren’t functioning as intended. Many reported that their messages aren’t loading as well.

It’s frustrating because many people have already relied on Messenger to communicate with their friends or loved ones.

In a post on its developer page, Facebook has already acknowledged the issue and according to them, are currently investigating the matter.

We’ll give you more updates when the story develops….