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While we are on the era where we mostly communicate by using Instant Messaging (IM) apps, the risks while using these apps are growing. Parents do use Facebook to instantly connect with their children, and they are always left with the concern of threat within that virtual world.

And yet, Facebook seems to know that concern as well, and have released Messenger Kids, still, a free video calling and messaging app, which gives parents to restrict people, or simply, control of who their kids can interact or talk to.

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Without all the crap and most features the old Messenger app has

With Messenger Kids, the app links with the parent’s Facebook account, and eliminating the need to make a separate Facebook account for their kids, as well as the kids can only connect with parent-approved contacts, and messages cannot be deleted so parents can always check what people talk about with their kids, a feature that some might like and some might not.


And in order to help promote it being kid-friendly, Facebook puts kid-appropriate masks, stickers and GIFs as well, to use it just like how we use these on our Messenger app.

And oh, it’s also an ad-free experience, so kids won’t get frustrated or targeted with ads that might contain malicious content.


While Android devices seems common for kids nowadays, this app is currently available for iOS devices only, with plans to launch on Amazon Fire and Android devices soon.

If you want to know more about Messenger Kids, you can check it out HERE.