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image courtesy of TechCrunch

Is this the one most content creators are awaiting for? Let’s hope that it is, since Facebook, has recently announced and is quietly testing according to reports the so-called “mid-roll” ad unit, which inserts an advertiser’s clip in the middle of a video instead of up front or at the end, with revenue resulting from the ad sales split with publishers having 55 percent in their favor.

The Facebook mid-roll ad unit will be available after at least 20 seconds of viewing by a Facebook user, in videos that run 90 seconds or more, and will probably change the way video views are tracked, since before Facebook has classified a video view on its platform as any session in which a user watches a video for a minimum of three seconds.

Monetizing videos on Facebook successfully will then rely a lot more on making longer videos, rather than focusing on putting as much into as short a span as possible in order to reach fickle, fast-scrolling Facebook news feed users.

Encouraging more content from video producers looking to use the platform to actually drive revenue could help put some pressure on quick turnaround content designed entirely to go viral with no focus on quality or substance, which, seems to be a problem with quality creators rather than clickbait videos.

As Facebook videos gets more engagement than YouTube (in most cases), people who are regularly uploading their videos on Facebook will now be able to utilize both Facebook and YouTube platforms, without losing an itch on their desire to earn.

But, I hope that those ads weren’t annoying like some intrusive ad insertions on YouTube.

via AndroidAuthority, TechCrunch