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GALAX (formerly GALAXY) is a brand known for their quality gaming graphics cards, but this time, they tried to enter another market which is gaming peripherals and came out with a white & black-only Hall of Fame (HoF) Black Edition mechanical keyboard which we are going to review right now.

The GALAX HoF Black Edition mechanical keyboard is GALAX’s first-ever mechanical keyboard – this is a high-end product that comes along with a high-end price tag as well, but sadly, it is not appropriate for the year 2017, if you know what I mean.

Oh, if you want one – you can buy it through this link here: LINK

Features and Specs

Kidding aside, let’s go to Features and Specs of this keyboard.

White-Only Per-Key Illumination Key Switches: Cherry MX Brown key switches
Multiple variations and programmable lighting effect Key Layout: 104-key US ANSI layout + 2 buttons (audio and lighting controls)
Dedicated Audio/Lighting controls Cable Line length: 1.8M
Programmable Macros Port(s): 2 USB, 3.5mm (for Audio jack pass-through)
100% Advanced Anti-Ghosting Dimensions: (With wrist rest): 465.8 x 190.2 x 44.5mm
USB and Audio pass-through ports Keyboard weight: 900g
Detachable soft-touch wrist rest Wrist rest weight: 120g
Anodized Aluminum Frame Compatibility:

Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10

MacOS 10.0 – 10.9 and better

The GALAX HoF Black Edition mechanical keyboard comes only with a single key switch option which is Cherry MX Brown key switches.

Cherry MX Brown Switches on the GALAX HoF Black Edition Keyboard

It also has white-only individually back-lit LEDs (though they had released the RGB variant of this recently – which is exactly the same keyboard but with RGB sparkles). It also has programmable backlight effects that you can find on every high-end and even low-end keyboards (except RGB lighting) as well.

Dedicated die-cast volume/light brightness slider

It also has a dedicated die-cast lighting/volume roller switch which controls both the lighting brightness and system volume as well as media and other functions that can be accessed using the function keys. You can also program macro keys using the GALAX’s XtremeTuner Plus proprietary software (which we’ll discuss later).

GALAX HoF Keyboard USB / Audio Jacks passthrough ports

The keyboard also sports 2 USB 2.0 ports which is great especially for those who are concerned with messy cables lying out on their table, or ones who are lazy to stand up and plug something into the back of their computer.

GALAX HoF Keyboard bottom part, shows no cable routing holes

However, there’s no cable routing holes beneath the keyboard for much better cable management.

Closeup photo of a keycap

For the keycaps, GALAX didn’t specify it on their packaging but we’re seeing that it might be ABS (though it’s not double-shot printed, though) with a matte black finish and has good-looking and decent fonts printed on it. They’re very light, and its thickness measures only 1.3mm.

Detachable wrist rest

It also comes with a detachable wrist rest which is good, but I wish there should be some sort of grip and not just the smooth and texturized plastic surface that we have here. Otherwise, it serves its purpose and I don’t have any other complaints – but for its price, I think we deserve much better.


The box (front side)

Like the other HoF peripherals, GALAX has its dark-themed box along with that shady-looking man wearing hoodie on the left side, along with the HoF branding and Cherry MX Brown switches logo.

The box (back side)

Skipping that out, on the back is a quick view of the keyboard and some highlighted features, as well as quick product specifications and feature round-up. The box seems durable, so let’s give it a point for that.

The box with its contents shown

Inside the box reveals the keyboard itself – wrapped on a black micro-fiber cover with the GALAX logo etched on it via heat press. It also comes with a little quick start guide / manual and beneath it is the detachable wrist rest itself – no other unnecessary stuff that will ruin the unboxing experience (another point for that).

However, there’s no keycap puller, and other accessory that might help us clean the keyboard or replace the keycaps easily. And for this price, that should be considered a must – so let’s revert that point we gave earlier.

Design & Build Quality

The body of the keyboard has an anodized aluminum black finish, making it an eye candy for black and white theme lovers. The keycaps are ABS and seems sturdy enough to last day-to-day use till you demand a replacement – they are also well printed, decent looking that even professionals and creative people can use this keyboard as their companion on their office aside from gaming.

And since the frame/body is well-built, there isn’t any notable flex present on the keyboard – although there is on the wrist rest since its body is made of plastic.

The shiny GALAX branding was placed in the right position, beside the Num Lock, Caps Lock, Scroll Lock and Gaming Mode light indicators, and both the right and left sides of the keyboard has the Hall of Fame logo etched on it. There is also one GALAX logo on the detachable wrist rest, if you aren’t tired of seeing it on your precious keyboard.

Both sides have this Hall of Fame logo etched on it.

On the bottom part, there’s no cable routing holes like what we’ve said before. The keyboard has rubber pads to prevent surface slipping, as well as on their risers so that even if used, surface slipping would be minimized – even the detachable wrist rest itself, sports six (6) rubber pads that helps the keyboard to maintain its position on the surface / table.

The bottom part, showing all the rubber pads/grips – helps the keyboard to stay on its position


Switches and Other Features


A Cherry MX Brown Keyswitch

The switches used on the keyboard (the one and only option available so far) are Cherry MX Brown Switches. These switches are known for having the quiet sound and tactile feedback, though they aren’t linear switches. It only requires 45g of actuation force – means less force exerted to invoke a keypress.

Unlike blue switches, these switches don’t have the clicky sound that informs you if you actuate the key or made a keypress.

GALAX XtremeTuner Plus (keyboard profiles)

To enjoy the keyboard functionalities even more, download the GALAX XtremeTuner Plus. It has several options for your keyboard including programming of macro keys, per-key programming / remapping, polling rate adjustment, de-bounce time of the switches, as well as per-key lighting customization (though it isn’t required to get the software to enable its built-in lighting effects).

GALAX XtremeTuner Plus (macro recording)

There are several built-in backlit lighting effects such as Wave, Breathing, Ripple, Starry, Scanning & Fireworks as well as separate key light effects such as Ripple, Arrow, and Tracks.

Light effects

And there is also an EQ effect, making your mechanical keyboard a visual equalizer synced with the audio output on your computer.

EQ light effect on the keyboard


User Experience

Since all Cherry MX Brown key switch-equipped keyboards have ALMOST the same profile – we can say that this keyboard is actually great on typing jobs, as with any good mechanical keyboard (in fact, I’m typing this whole review using the keyboard). Also, having the MX Brown switches (which I personally prefer) eliminates the clicky sound (ideal for silent typing), and hand and finger strains that usually come from typing on a keyboard that requires high actuation force and has poor ergonomics. The wrist rest does its job well (no complaints aside from the one I’ve mentioned earlier), the lighting is great – not to mention its customization options. And lastly, the macro programming is seamless that it makes a great companion for people who love using macros to make their work faster and easier.

Conclusion and Recommendations   

To wrap this up, GALAX did a pretty good job on its first mechanical keyboarddefinitely a premium one that comes with a premium price. My only recommendations are to change the type of material they used on the surface of the wrist rest, just like what I’ve mentioned, and the thick USB cable which makes cable management hard. Other than that, no other complaints and I would say that this is a good pick if you don’t mind the premium price of PhP4,850 – PhP5,550 (depending on the seller) and the cons I’ve mentioned.

Ergonomic / Comfortable Thick USB cable (makes cable management hard)
Aluminum Frame / Body Price
Uses MX Switches Not double shot keycaps
Fully programmable and re-mappable (per-key) Non-grip surface on the wrist rest
Magnetic wrist rest included
Great Build Quality


And because of our findings, we’ll give it our Bronze Seal of Recommendation award.