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We reported a while ago that the Galaxy Note 7 will come back on stage at South Korea in a refurbished state. Now, it seems that Samsung is also taking the microphone to boost the hype of the loyal Note-series fans who are actually waiting for an upgrade or some sort of replacement for their ill-fated Note phablets.

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Although the Galaxy Note 7 suffered too much for having a bad image and reputation, as well as the global recall issued on almost all countries it was made available, and ban on airline companies, many people are still waiting, for its comeback – and to support this claim, a new report shows that the South Korean giant has renamed the said smartphone as ‘Galaxy Note FE’, which we thought stands for Fixed, Failed or FIRE Edition – however, they said that it actually stands for ‘Fandom Edition’, making a bid to minimize (if not eliminate) the smartphone’s bad image.

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The report also says that Samsung plans to release at least 30,000 units of the said phone at its launch, with up to more than 300,000 estimated units to be supplied to carriers. Given the fact that the phone is refurbished, it is now known that it might cost less than 30-50% of its original launch price. Also, Samsung’s senior official, Lee Myung-bak said that the phone is likely to launch in Korea at the end of June, which we have also reported earlier.

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The phone is also likely to bear a ‘R’ sign/name at the back, which will make it clear that the phone is refurbished, and not the one which is from the batch of the ‘likely-to-explode’ which weren’t returned to Samsung.

‘I am confident that the Galaxy Note 7 Ripper Phone will have sufficient standby demand,’ – Lee Myung-bak said.

The South Korean giant first revealed its plans to refurbish the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 in late February.

And earlier this month, the firm announced it had passed through Federal Communications Commission (FCC) certification and consumers could buy a refurbished unit at the end of June.

‘Want to know what else it comes with?’ – Justin Denison, Samsung’s vice-president of marketing said during his keynote at the Galaxy Note 7 launch.

Now we know, it comes with explosive artifact. lol