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COMPUTEXGIGABYTE has just unveiled what we’ve previously reported here and to our surprise, it also comes with a present for aesthetic-concerned individuals.

While the RGB RAM setup isn’t really new (G.Skill would have been the best example, so far), this product is a first for GIGABYTE’s AORUS line. GIGABYTE even take things further as they’re bundling the kit with LED-infused dummy RAM sticks.

Photo: AORUS

But before you react negatively, here’s how it goes: Two of the sticks contain 16GB (2 x 8GB) of DDR4 memory, and the other two is just dummy RAM sticks that are made of the same aluminum housing and looks like the actual one, with LEDs that can sync up with the actual RAM sticks. None of them do have functional memory bits.

Usually, for motherboards that comes with four RAM slots, only two of them are populated, leaving an awkward empty space between the two RAMs and ruining that RGB glow. With GIGABYTE’s RGB RAM kit + dummy RAM sticks, all of the slots would be populated, even though you don’t fill all of it with functional RAM sticks.

Photo: AORUS

The GIGABYTE AORUS RGB LED DDR4 RAM kit will be available in June for $229. and according to GIGABYTE, they’re also exploring the possibility of just selling the dummy sticks separately one day. Let’s hope that those eBay scammers don’t take advantage of this.

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