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What a great tool released by Globe broadband today! Potential subscribers to Globe’s internet plans have now the option to check whether their area is covered by Fiber or DSL . Though the tool is still in beta, it is already useful to determine your coverage already. You can try the tool here: LINK

However, to suggest some additional options, Globe should add the details which areas are also covered by LTE and which areas are not. Currently, there is no details regarding LTE coverage for some areas and that is important since they are phasing out the WiMAX already, with all the previous WiMAX subscribers upgraded to high-speeds LTE.

So instead of calling on customer service to ask if your area has broadband, LTE or Fiber available, you can just check it from this search tool. Globe also admits that there could be some margin of error in the mapping tool (about 95% accurate) since some households are already in the borders of their coverage.

Anyway, it’s good to see that Globe already do things like this in order to make customers’ live easier.