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According to an internal Google document seen by our source, the tech company’s next-generation Pixel flagship might get rid of the 3.5mm headphone jack. That would be a change from the current Pixel since Google has bragged the jack’s inclusion as a key feature over its considered competitor, the iPhone 7 by Apple.

Though our source can’t share the nature of the documentation so far, we can say that the language used presents the removal of the jack as a matter of fact. That said, the said information is coming from only a single semi-reliable source and we haven’t been able to obtain secondary confirmation as of the moment.

A separate tipster told our source in January that Google has been testing multiple Pixel 2 models with a variety of new chipsets: “some with Snapdragon 83x chips, others with Intel chips.” That tipster didn’t mention the headphone jack, though, and it’s possible that Google hasn’t made a final decision yet on the new phone’s feature set.

The same tipster also said that waterproofing is “still on the table” for the next-gen Pixel, as well as it mentioned the camera as once again being a primary focus point for Google with the new phone. They said that the phone’s camera will “not have large MP size,” but will rather “compensate in extra features.”

Removing the jack would be a bold move from the company, since many Android OEMs — even Samsung, which will include the jack on the Galaxy S8 — have held onto the jack despite Apple’s removal of it with the launch of the iPhone 7. As mentioned, its removal would be particularly notable since Google also touted the headphone jack as being “satisfyingly not new” in the first ad for the original Pixel.

However, since it is a rumor that came from also a semi-reliable source, we recommend our readers to take this thing with a pinch of salt. Though, we don’t see any big deal anymore upon Google’s removal of the headphone jack because – that’s just the trend, and solutions for that problem are already made and available.


Source: 9to5Google