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We all know that Google is going to have something in-store on October 4th, mainly the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL smartphones – but it seems that we might get a new laptop as well – the Google Pixelbook.

Yep, Pixelbook is its official name, though its successor is used to be called Chromebook Pixel – making us wonder that Google is already embracing the “Pixel” branding for its hardware.

Google’s older Chromebook Pixel laptops didn’t fold into a tablet like Pixelbook does – that’s why we touted it as a Microsoft Surface / Surface Book competitor. And, the new Pixelbook laptop has an optional Pixelbook Pen which costs $99.

The Pixelbook Pen is pressure sensitive, with tilt support and supposedly no lag, making it appealing for power users who uses these kind of pens to draw or note something as well as other functions that only the pens can do.

Pricing and Availability

As with older Chromebook Pixels, the Pixelbook line doesn’t come cheap as well. Here’s the prices that we should expect.

  • Pixelbook with 128GB storage: $1199 (~PhP61K)
  • Pixelbook with 256GB storage: $1399 (~PhP71K)
  • Pixelbook with 512GB storage: $1749 (~PhP89K)

We should know more about the Pixelbook when the supposedly media event on October 4th comes closer.

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