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As you can see on the photo above, the known BSoD (or Blue Screen of Death) is now green. Like it was a green chroma screen used in making videos.

However, this screen is not really replacing the Blue Screen of Death as it is only intended for Windows Insider Preview Builds and will not be released on the regular builds which millions of people are using. So, if you aren’t a member of Windows Insider or not testing any preview builds, you are not going to see this kind of screen. It was intended for Microsoft to get their lives easier because if someone has to report an error showing a green screen, it will automatically be understood that it occured on a test build, so they can diagnose and fix the problem right away.

The GSoD was first discovered in the leaked Windows 10 build (14997) that revealed a “Game Mode” for prioritizing resources.

Your beloved Blue Screen will never get away, don’t worry.