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image retrieved from YugaTech

A recently filed house bill on the House of the Representatives seeks to penalize harassment that were made through text messaging or social media.
Introduced by Rep. Johnny Pimentel, House Bill 4795 seeks to ‘ensure the protection of the right to free speech and expression in cyberspace without its abuse’. With the house bill, those who threat one another through text messaging, social media and other electronic means of communication, as well as ‘placing a person in fear of imminent physical harm’ through aforementioned channels will be penalized.
Also included in those that will be penalized are the following:
• Engaging in conduct that causes distress to another person through electronic media
• Sharing indecent/lewd/obscene posts and comments, with sexual comments intending to harass the victim
• Posting remarks that incite or induce others into threatening a person through the electronic communication channels
• Using a Fake account for the purposes mentioned above, or known as posers

The penalties that are proposed if the bill will be enacted into law, will be imprisonment for 5-10 years, and fines between Php100,000-500,000.

We hope that the government will study this bill well, as the cyberspace is very large and sometimes making one people responsible for an act that was made electronically will be hard. You can read the full proposed bill here: LINK

via YugaTech, Congress