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Let me give my word on it: “A difficult one, for now.”

And some disambiguation – “verify identities, not give verification checkmarks to all” 

You might want to think right now about it – “How are we going to implement this one, tho?”

We all know the fact that our government can’t control the internet, and even they can’t chase many lawbreakers who utilize the cyberspace for their crimes.

And now, this? – a bill filed by Speaker Alvarez (read details below)

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Yes, I understand this representative’s sentiments, but the main question is, is it really possible?

Facebook, itself, has 47 million users in this country alone (translates to 43.7% of the population). Yet, more than half of it are seemingly engaging over fake news, information, bashing, profanity, nudity and many more. All of these are seemingly against Facebook’s Terms of Service / Use

Of course, we all want to combat trolls, dummies and even fake news, but we don’t have such capabilities to reveal real users’ identity and make someone responsible in case a mishap from a dummy account occurs right now. That fact, makes sense for this bill.

However, we fear that this might lead to more internet-regulation laws, that if implemented, might make this country the same as China, where most Western and outside services were restricted by their government, thus, making it troublesome to utilize the web at its finest.

In order to preserve internet freedom and — freedom of speech, we, however, request to the users itself “or netizens” to use social media / networking sites responsibly. It is not a tool for hurting anybody through words and expressions, and even more, it is not a tool to destroy someone’s image or reputation through wrong information.

The best solution for now is, to regulate the identification system here in the country, making their private data encrypted as well, and make the cyber-related laws more thorough than before. This is to set people’s minds that there is regulations as well as responsibilities accompanied by the freedom of internet and speech.

And lastly, users must be responsible for what they have right now. We have a powerful set of tools in our hands, that said, if used irresponsibly, might end up being gone and lost forever.

What do you think of this bill? Share it with us on the comments below.

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