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Are you annoyed by your friends commenting so many absurd things like “WASAK ANG EDSA”, “Nako araw-araw ka naman sa banyo”, “Ingat po ate/kuya”, and so many things like that? – They are on Filipino language but – GOOGLE TRANSLATE THEM if you wonder what those means.

Now, we have a solution. And this is a hidden feature of Facebook which is hidden on the Activity Log settings. You don’t know about it right? So follow these 3 easy steps and prevent those status to appear from someone else feed for them to comment right about it.

Who cares if you became friends with somebody anyway? Is it like a big deal now compared to the previous times without Facebook?

Step 1: Go to your Timeline/Profile or whatever you want to call it and click “View Activity Log.” – If you’re really dumb enough there is a picture below that is encircled in red. Click that.

Step 2: On the left side of the activity log, look for “Friends” and click that. If you can’t see it try clicking on the words “More” as some of the items are kept hidden in order to save space. Dumb enough? There is a red ellipse pointing to where you should go.

Step 3: Now click that button encircled in red beside the “Who can see your friend list?” It will reveal a number of checkboxes and if you really want to get rid of anything just like me, Uncheck them all. Note that you can’t uncheck the Friend Lists because they can be only seen by YOU. 

Perhaps you are really annoyed of these type of statuses, plus the hilarious comments made by your friends, that might offend, your new friend which is totally horrible.

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via @wendellpidlaoan