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CES 2018 is now on-going and our series of articles covering the biggest tech show on earth are now dropping! Check them out HERE.

BFGD should stands for ‘Big Fat Gaming Displays’ instead.

If you missed the announcement made by NVIDIA with regards to these big fat ass gaming displays, check out our article here and let yourself decide whether that is a flop or a top announcement at CES.

As with all other BFGDs, HPā€™s Omen X is an enormous 65-inch, 4K panel with NVIDIA’s G-SYNC technology, offering ultra-low latency and a refresh rate of 120Hz. Yes, it’s a smart monitor / TV / whatever-you-want-it-to-call-on.

The display also comes integrated with NVIDIA SHIELD TV, allowing users to take advantage of the conventional SHIELD’s features (like Game Streaming, Google Assistant, streaming apps such as Netflix and YouTube), as well as other entertainment options.


As of this writing, pricing and availability of the HP Omen X remains unknown and yet to be announced.