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Back in February, Instagram users, especially those who loves to check out others through their posted ‘Stories’, had a scary time when a report surfaced that Instagram is doing a testing to a small group of users about notifying the poster of the story when someone screenshots it.

Of course, for someone who doesn’t know that someone is keeping a snapshot of their story, that would be weird, and creepy as well.

But now, Instagram finally realized that this feature would creep out users, so in silence, they’ve ceased the said feature. First reported by BuzzFeed, the change makes the internet celebrating the ability to once again capture the lives of others, and some other things people share in their Stories.

The feature, just like some other that has found its way in Instagram in the recent years, also first came from Snapchat.

Instagram declined to comment about its decision on cancelling the feature.

Although you can now continue to save a snapshot of someone’s story without being caught, not all of Instagram is safe for screenshotting. Capturing a disappearing photo or video in a direct message will still produce a notification. You’ve been warned.