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Not only imitating Snapchat, but Instagram is also good on pissing people off, ayt?

Because soon, Instagram Stories will be utilized by advertisers to serve ads on users. Instagram have seen huge success since 5 months after the feature was first introduced and that feature alone, has 150 million daily users; surpassing the latest user count provided by Snapchat. Success, of course, comes with a price and because there’s a lot of people are fond of using Instagram Stories, the company has decided to introduce ads between the content from your friends and personalities you may be following.

These ads include a 5-second photo or 15-second video that can, be skipped (yas!). In terms of marketing, we can definitely see the reason behind the choice to introduce the ads but, for someone who just wants to browse though their friends’ stories or get a bit of a peek into the lives of personalities we follow, it may get a little annoying.

Here is an example of how do Instagram Stories ads will look like:

Now, we don’t have any information yet whether how this will be accessed by content publishers as Instagram, as of the moment, is currently testing it with select publishers and users to see how will it go.

Anyway, a 5-second nor a 15 second photo/video ad is not bad at all compared to longer video ads on YouTube 🙂

via Instagram, TechCrunch, Unbox