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I told Facebook a while ago through a status update that it’s troublesome to post one story on one platform at the same time – considering that Instagram and Facebook are owned by the same company, which is Facebook itself.

And they’ve finally heard it (maybe I’m not the only one), because they’re now implementing cross-posting support. By that, Instagram users can share their Instagram Stories on Facebook that will show up as part of Facebook Stories. However, doing the reverse is currently not supported (from Facebook to Instagram).

Facebook Stories and Instagram Stories allow users to share content to the public, and will disappear after 24 hours – just like you know, the original Snapchat snaps.

But before you get so excited about this new feature, it is now only available for users in the US and Portugal for testing. Although it was said and expected that the cross-posting feature is going to roll out for users around the world in the coming months.

via TechCrunch