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Instagram is now testing a major change to its app. And that is letting you post multiple images at once.

More like Facebook photo albums, website ‘Droid Life‘ reports seen the feature in the latest version of the Instagram app on Android (v10.7.0). It also seems that it was only a test that includes a small number of users.

Once this feature was implemented, users can select up to 10 photos from their galley, put filters on each photo they choose, then upload the photos as an album to your timeline. From your followers’ perspective, they will see the album and can then slide through the various shots, liking photos as you do on Facebook.

According to one of our sources, while they can select photos to place into an album, the photos will not post to the timeline. The feature is simply not working in its current state, but that’s probably why it’s being sent out as a test and not being advertised by the good folks at Instagram.

Once the feature is officially announced, we’ll update you. In the meantime, you can check if your Instagram app pops a new update and give it a try. Maybe you are lucky to see that feature either.

You might have seen such image albums before – officially known as ‘carousels‘ – within advertisements, because Instagram launched the feature for businesses way back in 2015.

image retrieved from Philip Chang (@m4au312 – Twitter)

According to our source, Instagram did not comment when contacted for more information. That silence makes it seems likely it’s only a matter of time until the feature rolls out to more users.

Source: Droid Life | via TheNextWeb