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The first partnership between long-time rivals since the 1980s

You’re not misreading the title. Yes, Intel and AMD, your known chip-makers in the market are now teaming up and making new Core-series processors for mobile with discrete graphics for a sole purpose: to enable sleeker and thinner devices without compromising power and performance, for gamers’ to play intensive games.

According to Intel, this move is an initiative to reduce silicon footprint by more than 50%, and to enable real time power sharing across CPU and GPU for optimal performance.

The new chips will be part of Intel’s 8th-generation Intel Core line-up and as The Wall Street Journal notes, the Intel and AMD’s first partnership since the 1980s,

Image: Intel

Intel also says that this is the first consumer product that uses the EMIB small intelligent bridge design, which allows information to be passed quickly in “extremely close proximity.” This bridge allows chips to be both smaller and more powerful.

The new chip will also use the stacked second-generation High-Bandwidth Memory (HBM2) technology, instead of separate GDDR5 memory chips to save space and power, and by combining the CPU, GPU and HBM2 memory on a multi-chip module, Intel claims it will save 1,900 mm² of board space.

Image: Intel

AMD, on the other hand, specified that these chips made with Intel will be aimed at serious gamers, whereas their own AMD’s Ryzen Mobile chips, which was also recently announced and are also designed for ultrathin laptops are to be released at the end of this year.

Ryzen Mobile chips can run games but aren’t specifically designed for that purpose – AMD.



Intel will introduce the 8th Gen Intel CPU with Radeon graphics in Q1 of 2018. Stay tuned here for more news with regards to this chip and any other

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