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Rumors of Intel’s 8th generation Coffee Lake processors are all-out on the web on the last few days, and though we weren’t posting about it so much, there’s so many hints, all pointing to a possible retail availability on October 5. And although we aren’t really sure yet (as with all rumors), we do believe that these are already (or let’s say 90% possible) the prices that we should expect for Intel’s next mainstream CPU lineup.

Expected retail box of the Coffee Lake chips

And days ahead before expected launch, local PC retailer “PCHub” (we don’t know if accidentally) posted their prices on their “publicly accessible” online pricelist, giving us an idea on how much should we expect these Coffee Lake chips will cost. See the screenshot below.

image retrieved via source

Prices are separated in three tables, noted as “Pickup/Cash, Regular Price & Shipping via LBC.

Based on the leaked prices, we can assume that the entry-level 8th generation chip (the 4-core, 4-thread Core i3 – which is a game changer), can be purchased at around a mere PhP6,600 (giving AMD’s Ryzen 3 1300x a threat, with 3.6GHz base [compared to 3.5GHz on the 1300x], 65W TDP and a 6MB L3 cache [compared to 8MB on the 1300x] for less than PhP500)

While on the other hand, the most expensive Coffee Lake Core i7 chip (8700K) costs around PhP20,950 – the first-ever mainstream line processor that has been priced beyond PhP20K, compared to its direct predecessor, the Core i7 7700K, which is only priced around PhP17.6K.

But, we can also see that they were changed also from a 4C/8T configuration to 6C/12T configuration, also matching AMD Ryzen, with a max TDP of only 95W.

Also take note that even though it says that it uses LGA 1151, they’re referring to the new version of the said socket, which is LGA 1151 v2, meaning that you also need to buy a newer motherboard with Z370 chipset in order to use it, since sources have already confirmed that these chips are not compatible with the existing B250/Z270 or even the older B150/Z170 platform.

And since it’s still almost a month away from the rumored launch date, prices are subjected to change, and also in every rumor, we always say that you should take these with a grain of salt. However, we will update you in case there’s changes to the said prices till launch day.

What do you think of Intel’s 8th Generation Coffee Lake pricing? Share it with us on the comments below.


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