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COMPUTEX – Aside from announcing the Core i7-8086K and some mobile chips, Intel also showcased some interesting things on its stage time in Taipei.

UPDATE: Intel admitted that the demo chip was overclocked to 5GHz, and is even using a cooler which we don’t believe that most users can’t even install by themselves. Story to follow later.

Intel’s SVP Gregory Bryant has demoed a working 28-core processor running at 5GHz. While the 18-core i9-7980XE from Intel is still pretty powerful, it’s already a thing of last year’s COMPUTEX, and is soon to be replaced by this wonder.

Intel 28-core demo Cinebench score | PHOTO: STS ASIA/AMG

On-stage running Cinebench, no wonder it will score so high – 7,334 to be precise. That score is mostly achieved only by higher-end multi-processor systems.

And here’s the good news. Intel plans to sell that wonder, the 28-core CPU by the end of this year. It’s not just a concept, and will be just like last year’s 18-core Core i9.

However, he didn’t uttered any further information such as the chip’s possible name as well as a hint for the price. It would be nice to have it also but I think he’s saving it for later.


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