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A while ago we’ve reported here on Despatch that Razer has already confirmed that they’re working on its own smartphone. Now, it seems that the gaming company is already coming in with a prototype and is teasing us (intentionally, I guess?) with this tweet coming from the Razer-acquired Nextbit’s founder and Senior VP of mobile at Razer Tom Moss – where you can see Min-Liang Tan’s pocket with a seemingly Razer-branded smartphone inside.


Razer smartphone’s sample photos?

But, the hype doesn’t end there. Apparently, Min-Liang Tan posted on his Instagram account some set of random test photos with an unspecified camera with the hashtag #nofilter. Razer isn’t making any dedicated cameras after all, so this could be also a sign that the photos are coming already from a working prototype – if that’s the case, the photos looks promising.

Some random test photos with a new camera #nofilter

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And there’s another one

However, there’s no rumored specs and pricing information as of this moment. It seems that Razer is building up the hype among its fans, knowing that the Razer smartphone might already become a hit for its cult-like fanbase of gamers, and gamers-alike who does want to have bragging rights with a Razer-branded product.

As per Min-Liang Tan said on the previous article we’ve posted – we can expect a Razer smartphone to be announced by the end of the year – so stay tuned!


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