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Dear SnowTechStuff readers and fans,

We want to reach out to you and share information about our network and connect to everyone who might be interested in contributing articles on in order to make our network grow, and build yourself an unbeatable experience you’ll surely love and remember for the rest of your lives.

On the other hand, if you want to advertise with us, proceed through this linkHERE.

Open Positions for 2018



Like writing and being updated technology stuff at the same time? Want to work with a company but don’t want to beat the hassle up on Manila? You can now apply as a contributor on SnowTechStuff! You wouldn’t need to go to an office to fulfill your daily requirement – work from the comfort of your home. ALL YOU NEED TO HAVE IS INTERNET AND AN COMPUTER (or let’s say knowledge and passion in tech as well.)

Simply send us an introduction of yourself, why you’re a good fit for SnowTechStuff / AMG (with no longer than 500-700 words), as well as sample(s) of an article, whether it may be an editorial / guide with relation to what we are doing (tech) through our Chief Content and Executive Officer:

If approved, you’ll be publishing tech news, guides and other tech-related stuff. (Subject to EIC approval)

Open positions: Tech News Writer (SnowTechStuff main site and STS Despatch) and Lifestyle Tech Writer (STS Lifestyle – soon)

Tech Memes Producer

We want memes! WE LOVE MEMES! And we’re serious about it.

If you know that you can provide the dankiest-ass meme to our audience, then you’re a great fit for this job – you can be a contributor, editor as well as creator of the said memes – just make sure to avoid any memes that will invoke any of the following: racism, hatred/anger as well as compromise of and AstPro Media Group. (If that happens, your post will be IMMEDIATELY REMOVED)

If you’re sourcing out memes – please provide the source on every post as well! 🙂

Interested parties should submit their sample memes to our Facebook page via private message. 🙂

Below are the works that are paid, and are offered in a case-by-case basis.

Social Media Producer/Community Manager

If you can’t live without any dose of Facebook or Twitter every single day, this would be a great fit for you. Our Social Media / Community manager will not only be tasked to manage our social media accounts, but will also be expected to to create native content for each platform. We’re looking for someone who can write decently, and must be having new humorous ideas about stories to tell and how to tell them in new and creative ways. It will be a plus if you can write stories and humor at the same time. You will be also responsible for interacting and moderation with the users who engage on our social media (i.e comments, tags, questions, messages, etc.)

Must not ran out of ideas and has good attitude, communication and writing skills as well as some attributes that you might know to yourself.

Also, you must be knowledgeable about technology, since you’re mostly engaging with people who are asking for tech-related questions and making tech-related content.

Interested parties should submit their resume/CV to

Business Accounts/PR Manager

You will manage the ‘business’ matters of SnowTechStuff. Along with the editor-in-chief, you will also facilitate the partnerships/sponsorships and anything alike with the brands/clients. You will be also responsible on making PR communications especially when requesting for product samples or event invitations.

You must know how to pitch audience with engaging ideas, to be able to engage more people to SnowTechStuff through campaigns and methods prescribed. Must not ran out of ideas, has good attitude, communication and marketing skills. Also, advertising skill is a big plus. Partners with Social Media Manager.

Interested parties should submit their resume/CV to

Our vision

Our vision is to became one of the Philippines’ (and maybe the world’s) source of information about technology. We strive to be recognized by readers and brands as well as to became a household name for tech stuff, and to get a glimpse of everything about tech.

Please note that features and articles are NOT limited to Philippines. You can feature any tech-related stuff from anywhere around the world. You’ll also get a profile with your picture and bio / information so that everyone will see that you wrote the article and will help build your own personal portfolio, and a means to brag about into your social media profiles, as an aspiring writer and contributor to our growing network.

However, since this is just a starting blog (earlier 2015) – we can’t afford to pay every single person as of this moment. So, in order to compensate for your hard work, your articles will get featured more than anything else by default.

And if you helped us, or the blog grow, adding your skills and dedication, you might be hired permanently and be part of the team.

This literally means that we’re scouting for potential employees and team members who’ll manage to publish articles, videos on and in our social media channels in the near future.

Interested? Drop us an email or you can direct to our editor-in-cheap, Bryan Snow

See FAQ Section for more.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Is this a paid work? How much will I be paid for?
A: We would like to be upfront, especially for internships: This isn’t a paid work (for now). Like what we have said above, our company is actually starting up and we can’t afford to pay every single contributor out there. For now, the ones who are hired permanently are paid, competitively.

Q: How long do I need to work for a day?
A: It’s up to you. We’re not giving any time frame or work restrictions. You’ll be not required to go to an office either. You can give us a more than a single article every day, 10 articles a week, or whatever you like.

For video and graphic designers, we will get in touch with you in case there’s something we need to work on. And for our social media managers, we’ll give you the access to our social accounts as a moderator/editor (Facebook only) – since our Twitter doesn’t have that multi-user option, yet.

Q: Do you have an office or headquarters to work with?
A: No, for now, we’re doing all the work on our own houses, that’s why you will also do.

Q: Do I get free items for review?
A: As for our guest contributors and interns, not for now. We can’t afford to request brands right now to send free samples to our guest people. It means, that we only want you to review or write about what do you have right now, as because you are going to use that item, and you know it best because you have it. However, in case we have some items from our sponsors, we’ll send them to you as a token of appreciation, too.

Q: What will happen if you don’t hire me?
A: Don’t be discouraged.Though we don’t specify the period of evaluation for a single contributor, we’ll know you if you can make the cut or not. And we’re sure to remain you as a list of our contributors, who helped us in this challenge, of achieving our amazing vision. Your articles will remain, and your name will be retained so that you can use us as your reference in terms of your media and writing career.

Q: What about if I get hired?
A: Congratulations! You will became part of the team, and if it happen that we achieved our goal for this year, you’ll get some freebies, and of course, you’ll work as either a freelance or a full-time team member, being paid when there’s a project, or every month. You should help us out to make a name among our potential readers, and brands as well. You might accompany us on our whereabouts as well as early access to some tech stuff.

I don’t get paid whatsoever? Why should I work or do this?

  • We believe that experience and passion is the best teacher. As long as you love what you do, you’ll learn every single work you will do with us, and we believe that you will be rewarded if we have your work uploaded on our site and social media channels, and with the help of yours, grab attention and engagements, in which, can make yourself proud of. What we need is a passionate individual who can work with us and push through our limits to expand, and if we can see it through you, we will just let you know and you might get hired permanently.
  • You’ll get your columns and articles here, which you can use for future references. Growing up your portfolio is a hard challenge for the most of us, but something like this which you can put on your resume is something that you can brag about. Even if we didn’t hire you, we’ll be proud to tell something great about you in case you list us as one of your references.
  • Lastly, this is all about your passion, experience and the love of tech, writing / content creating.


Last revised on 2018.02.06.This may change without notice.

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