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League of Legends made some massive announcements on Friday that detailed plans about reimbursing players for past rune purchases, removing the level cap, and merging IP with Blue Essence.

Via a video post called “Riot Pls” and a follow-up devblog, Riot Games explained more in-depth the planned changes for their rewards system. And as the announcement was made, we now have the list of their plans for transitioning into the new Runes Reforged format.


IP is now Blue Essence

Photo courtesy of Riot Games

IP will be a thing of the past soon. On November, it will be merged with Blue Essence and will go by its name, the new in-game currency that is going to be used to buy things in the store.

Champions and other items in the store that cost IP currently will be kept at the same price, and it will simply be converted to a Blue Essence value instead to reflect the change in currency. Likewise, champion mastery upgrades that previously cost Blue Essence will continue to do so, so all of players’ non-RP purchases will all come from Blue Essence.

“So, what about the blue essence currently in your inventory?” the announcement asks. “When preseason hits, we’ll scale it up proportionally (multiplying it by about 6.5 times) when calculating your new BE account balance. So if you already have 975 BE in loot, we’ll convert it into 6300 BE when preseason hits.”

Say Goodbye to the Level 30 cap

“Remember the level 30 cap? It’s gone, and it’s being replaced with a revamped rewards system that levels up with you. Instead of getting IP after every game, you’ll receive an unlocked chest—called a capsule—every time you level up. These capsules contain champ shards and blue essence, and if you hit special milestone levels, you’ll earn special rewards like gemstones or hella rare emotes.” – said the Riot Pls post.

Simply means that players will no longer stop their leveling journey at level 30 and they’re going to get rewards in the form of a chest/capsule, every time you level up.

The removal of the level cap will allow players to continue their progression while shooting for promising new rewards on the way that’ll become more exclusive the higher that players climb. Ranked play will still remain unlocked at level 30, however, so that not everyone will be jumping just carelessly into competitive matches.


Runes and Rewards

Photo from Riot Games

Since the Runes Reforged system was announced, the plans for how players will be reimbursed for rune pages has been at the forefront of League discussions. The refund plans have been revealed, and Blue Essence and rare skins are on the way for players who invested in the old runes system. All Tier 3 runes will be reduced in price starting on Friday, but they won’t be refunded.

For players that spent IP on runes before the start of this season – that date being Dec. 7 of last year – each Tier 3 Mark, Glyph, and Seal that was purchased will net players 100 Blue Essence each. Each Quintessence that was purchased will give back 300 Blue Essence as well.

If you invested IP and RP into rune pages, don’t worry, there are plans for you as well. Pages purchased with IP will grant you 1500 Blue Essence each, and for every four rune pages purchased with RP, you’ll receive one Epic mystery skin for a champion that you own.

Photo from Riot Games

A special store will be opened also for a limited time where players can spend their new currency on a selection of items that include champion chromas, ward skins, and even some rare skins. The store is work-in-progress at the moment, so some of the items listed inside may change.

A lot like Season 1

New001 says that this next season might even feel “a lot like Season 1,” and that both players and the League team will all be learning together.

You can read more about the changes through the source HERE.