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To start the day off, we picked up something that is really unexpected from South Korean manufacturer LG, and its seemingly broken app which reached the Google Play Store. We don’t know if this is only an typographical or a serious human error but seriously, let’s take a look at it.

This is different from LG Pay, an app which LG has introduced last mid-year for G6 users.

According to AndroidPolice, although you can download the app (through mirrors), the app doesn’t actually work. However, the app is set to be compatible with a range of non-LG phones, including the Pixel XL, Nextbit Robin, Nexus 6, and some OnePlus devices.

We don’t have these devices on hand so we can’t confirm, but according to them, it hangs just after playing a Korean introduction video

Photo from AndroidPolice

Although LG recently bid goodbye to its G series, and their next phone wouldn’t be called the G7, the app listing also states “You can install this application only if you have G7.” And more handsets will be made available in the future.

Maybe the decision to rename the next LG flagship isn’t well circulated yet through the various divisions in the company.

The screenshots above are from its Google Play Store listing.

Those screenshots above, however, makes us wonder if they came from the unreleased G7. Seeing the errors and dead links from it, it seems that this app isn’t intended to be released yet and is still on the testing stage.

We’re getting rumors from LG’s new flagship anytime soon, and this is already the start. We don’t know what will be its name, though.

If you want to check it out by yourself, head over to its Play Store listing.