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Every year on Taipei, we’re getting a glimpse of new tech, whether it would be on hardware, peripheral, or anything else. This year isn’t an exception, of course.

Lian Li (a Taiwanese manufacturer of PC cases, popular among enthusiasts), thought that traditional PSU cables look dull and/or messy, that it would become a challenge among system builders and enthusiasts to manage the cables and keep them tidy. While there’s sleeved cables, Lian Li wants to revolutionize the cable management game with its new Strimer RGB LED PSU cables.

The Lian Li Strimer cable is simply a lighting module with integrated PSU extension cable.

Image: Lian Li

Of course, unlike what GIGABYTE’s upcoming RGB RAM has to offer (exclusive only among AORUS motherboards), Lian Li’s solution is compatible with almost every PSU and motherboard. The company has designed its own mounting mechanism for the Strimer so it will fit securely and easily with your existing cable.

It can be also connected to your motherboard with an addressable header pin, enabling software controls for its lighting, and even has 10 built-in lighting options for those who don’t have newer motherboards who bundle RGB headers by default.

Image: Lian Li

Lian Li once again teamed up with world-famous overclocker DER8AUER of Germany for developing the Strimer. DER8AUER has been a key developer of excellent cooling solutions as well as innovations in the enthusiast PC industry and his insights have proven vital in creating the Strimer cable RGB LED.

We’ll be trying to get our hands-on with the cable as Lian Li promises a special media event for us on June 6th in Taipei. Stay tuned for that!


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