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When starting a website, you have to bear in mind these things: Good content, good design and good web host. And to achieve these things, you must exert time and effort heavily, but on the first two things only.

The “Good server / web host” is actually on the top of the pillar because we do believe that everything might be nothing if there is no good with its host.

Since you want to focus more on the content you want to deliver, looking for a good web host shouldn’t be as painful and much time-consuming as you think, though this is the part that involves money and everything else – aside your content. There are so many web hosting providers here and in the world, however, their prices aren’t justifiable for the starting bloggers, and sometimes, their content delivery and resource allocation aren’t enough, making your website slow, or sometimes, down for a moment. (More on that later)

As some of you might not know, this blog is a self-hosted blog, meaning that it utilizes a content management system (CMS) (i.e. WordPress), and a web host/server in order for you to be able to view it this good.

Now, I just want to share a painstaking experience of mine when I was looking for a web host to host this blog. At first, I don’t have enough budget to pay for a whole year of web hosting (mostly prices range from $50-$150), which most hosting providers need prior to proceeding (i.e. BlueHost, HostGator & Hostinger).

Therefore, I tried to look for free web-hosting providers, and… guess what? They really suck big time
. I’ve settled for free hosting providers such as 000webhost, ServersFree, Hostinger Free and much more, transferring my whole worth of website in every 3-5 days, changing DNS properties and other troublesome configurations every single time.

However, all they’ve offered is only a gigabyte of free web space (not enough for my library of images and native content), a single SQL Database (which is needed by WordPress and other CMS), and the worst, VERY LIMITED BANDWIDTH, TRAFFIC, CPU & RESOURCES ALLOCATION on the server-side. Not to forget the limited options of email accounts and subdomains.

Upon the first days of this blog, it ends up being down almost every day even though I was the only one who is visiting the site, and the allocated resources wasn’t enough to handle even my installed WordPress plugins. You don’t want to have that kind of site, especially on a site like this one who had more web traffic and content is thrown in a blow-by-blow basis.

Sometimes even I (the admin) can’t control the frequency of downtime and will end up having a down website every single time I post. (Error 500 pictured)
Server is probably having trouble as it is already maxed out of allocated resources (Error 503 pictured)

I ended up being frustrated, so I pulled out my site from these web hosts, did my homework on researching about decent — and let’s say cheap paid web hosting providers. I’ve settled down on something which is in my honest opinion, a great decision that I’ve made.

These photos were snapped from before. Now, they’re gone.

Meet my preference, the NSS Group. The market leader when it comes to hosting in Taiwan, and they want to do the same – this time, in the Philippines.

NSS Group Logo

Does it sound new? Yes or maybe, for you.

However, they have been in the industry for over 15 years already, and have served over 30,000 clients from USA, Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore and Taiwan. Being awarded as Taiwan’s leading web host provider, NSS Group aims to be the leading web-hosting provider worldwide. They also recently expanded to Philippines and Indonesia, by setting up their own data centers on the mentioned countries to deliver your data fast and reliably, to your readers and fans.

Of course, you all want to know how it works. From the buying experience to the set-up and after-sale support, I can guarantee that there’s nothing to be worried about.

Some of their PH plans, with their prices
Plans with their Website Builder service.

So, as you know that I’m always on a budget, I’ve chosen their cheapest offering:

Linux Hosting Economy (Php 1,617 / $32)

  • Data Center: Philippines [Choosing a data center near you is important, especially if you aren’t planning to use any CDN (content delivery network) service]
  • Control Panel: cPanel [I can attest that cPanel is the easiest way to manage any hosted sites, and this is also used by leading providers such as BlueHost, GoDaddy and others, to name a few.]
  • Disk Space: 500GB [The BIGGEST, among all web host providers I’ve seen (GoDaddy only offers 100GB, BlueHost – 50GB, for comparison)]
  • Traffic: Unlimited [It means that there are no restrictions on the amount of web traffic your site may receive (some hosting providers such as GoDaddy restrict traffic to only 25k per month)]
  • Bandwidth: Unlimited [Do data transfers from your server to your client as much as they want, there’s no restrictions]
  • E-mail accounts: 100 [Create an e-mail account based on your hosted domain name (i.e]
  • Supports PHP7 & Softaculous [One-click WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, phpBB and other popular CMS installer]
  • Tech Support: 24/7 Live Chat and Phone Technical Support Service [In my honest opinion as a tech person who always interact with support, their technical support is one of the greatest I’ve ever encountered. You’ll get a reply almost immediately after you ticked up their live chat, and get a human to talk with you if you’re on the phone (not robots, apparently). And the good thing, it’s 24/7, so that in every case something went wrong and don’t know what to do, you can phone them up and ask for help.] THIS APPLIES, TO ALL OF THEIR PLANS.
  • FREE DOMAIN NAME REGISTRATION (for a year only) [You (or they) can also setup the domain name immediately after it was activated]

Not to mention they also offer FREE TRIAL & A 30-DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. In case you don’t trust me and didn’t like their service (didn’t see any reason why you wouldn’t like it, tho) – you can ask to cancel, anytime.

I’ve also added the Free trial link here (of course, you should try it.)

Other notes: The hosting plan mentioned above is offered on an annual basis – which I do prefer. However, if you want to pay monthly, you can check out their other plans here:

Therefore, my final words about looking for a good cheap web hosting is this. Do not settle yourself on something CHEAP but UNRELIABLE, that will end up giving you more FRUSTRATION than SATISFACTION, or more DOWNTIME instead of UPTIME. Good thing that there are providers like NSS Group who can offer good cheap hosting without giving out reliability and good support.

For more information about NSS Group:

DISCLAIMER: This is a sponsored post. However, the experience and tips are real and all the things you have seen or read here are based on actual facts.

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