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Screw the face and iris recognition that most flagship smartphones and devices nowadays offer – we all know that fingerprint scanners are still the most convenient and should we say, much effective way of having our devices secured than any other security systems out there?

In my opinion – fingerprint scanners should remain a thing of the present, and add the other security features in case your finger doesn’t exist, or the fingerprint scanner screws up.

But there’s one problem – they’re visible and they’re vulnerable to easy access, making your information and data compromised with just one slip of your saved finger to the scanner.

Well, Microsoft might want to address this problem of putting visible fingerprint scanners by filing their new patent titled “Keyset Fingerprint Sensor.” filed by PengFei Lei, an engineer at Microsoft Asia’s Center for Hardware.

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This solution could fix a couple of drawbacks related to the fingerprint sensors, like manufacturers have to make a separate component to include fingerprint sensors in devices – smartphone home buttons, dedicated fingerprint scanners and so on.

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As we can see on the patent details, the company wants to integrate the fingerprint sensor beneath the keyboard keys, because dedicated fingerprint readers do take up space on devices and add further manufacturing and designing complexity.

The fingerprint recognition might be done with the help of ultrasonic image sensing technology that can work past a thickness of 500 microns or 600 nm.

However, it’s yet to be known when this one will arrive for us to mess with. You can check out the full patent filing via this link.