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DSL provider ComClark tops the list, beating PLDT Fibr and other telcos.

Of course, streaming videos require good or fast internet connection for the best experience, because buffering makes it frustrating.

Netflix ISP Speed Index is a measure of prime time Netflix performance on particular ISPs around the globe. Based on users streaming on their site, they were able to gather data to average based on their ISP.

Anyway, Netflix has listed the country’s major internet service providers (ISPs) based on their performance when using the streaming service. And here’s the results:

Netflix ISP leaderboard for January 2017 – retrieved from source

Among the six listed, ComClark tops the list at 2.55Mbps. Behind is PLDT with 2.34MbpsGlobe with 2.21Mbps and SKYCable places fourth followed by Smart and Bayan.

Although, the average speeds were gathered from all type of connection offered by the ISP. ComClark is listed to be on DSL connection only while PLDT has a fiber connection on top of DSL. With Globe, it’s mixed with their wireless offerings.

And also, based on the data from Netflix, we can see that average speeds of different ISPs have been slowly increasing since April 2016. (see photo below)


Netflix data shows the ISP speeds in the country were slowly increasing.


Source: Netflix | via YugaTech