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Do you or your office has Netgear router? We are advising you that you / your IT administrator should upgrade its firmware as soon as possible because Netgear acknowledges the vulnerability that was made public recently about bypassing its authentication system.

A report from cybersecurity firm Trustwave, Netgear routers have a severe security backdoor problem that allows attackers to exploit its password recovery system and turn the routers into botnets. The bug lets anyone enter 31 different Netgear models. What’s alarming is it can even be done remotely, if the remote management option is switched on – meaning you don’t have to be near a Netgear router to be attacked.

The following are the affected models:

• R8500
• R8300
• R7000
• R6400
• R7300DST
• R7100LG
• R6300v2
• R6200v2
• R6250
• R6700
• R6900
• R8000
• R7900
• WNDR4500v2
• WNDR3400v3
• WNR3500Lv2
• WNDR3400v2
• D6220
• D6400
• C6300 (firmware released only to ISPs)

Check your Netgear model and if you own a model that’s listed above, head over to Netgear’s website to select the necessary firmware update, download it and install.

Source: Trustwave | via YugaTech